Friday, January 15, 2010

… following my heart

Two times in my lifetime, I have had the privilege of serving overseas in third-world countries. These experiences have changed my life forever. . . not only in being there, but also in coming home. For when I came home. . . the culture shock of how extremely wealthy we are (even in times of economic struggles) - compared to the countries I visited really hit me.

So as I watch the situations in Haiti. . . my heart breaks. . . & there's a part of me that wants to go volunteer & help. . . but I know that because of the situations that exist  - it would not as much help as what I can do here. . . To send what I have & pray.

I wasn't sure if I would share this. . . but I have been shown in the past few days. . . to follow my heart & so I have decided to go ahead & share.  . . . When I heard about the devastation in Haiti, I remembered what I knew about the country from when I was working within a hunger & relief agency & I knew that the conditions were already desperate. I am on the emailing list with several of the relief agencies that I support & immediately the call went out for help. . . & for prayers. So immediately I began to pray. . . but part of my prayers were my conversation with God - that I wanted to do more. I wanted to give money. . . but, because of a snafu with the IRS - taking what has seemed like forever to send a much needed needed letter - so that I can be paid some royalty payments. . . finances here have been really. . . really tight.  (. . . As it has been for many . . ) But. . . as I was making a prayer list of the needs that was hearing on the tv & reading about - some Bible verses & stories kept popping into my mind. . . especially some of Jesus' words from the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 6: 25-34). . . & I knew although it might seem that I couldn't do anything financially to help. . . I also knew that I was much better off & couldn't not give something.
So my prayer changed a little, & because I knew that World Vision was already active & set up in Haiti (& has been for years. . .) I made a donation . . . of the amount that kept popping up in my heart. I'll be honest. . . my head questioned it. . . but I decided to follow my heart.
I finally went to bed (I had not been able to sleep. . .) & when I woke up the next morning. . . & checked my email. . . two of the emails were from my website host, notifying me that two of the quilts that I have for sale on my website had sold overnight. Then. . . (& I have to smile at this. .  because it was almost as if God was putting a little exclamation mark on it. . .) as I was still looking though my emails. . . the little "ping" sounded - alerting me that another email had come through . . & as I checked it . . . yep.
Another quilt had sold.
More than enough . . . I saw that He had provided more than enough for what I gave the night before.
I was so humbled & so thankful.
Why do I write all this . . .? Mostly just to share. . . but honestly, I want to encourage you to give. . . give what ever you can. . . & maybe give even more then what you think you can. We live in such a blessed nation & the need is so great in Haiti. . . more than what we can even imagine. I know that God knows. . . & I believe that our gifts will be blessed & multiplied.
We just need to be willing.
It's humbling. . . but it's what loving each other is really all about.
Below is a short little video from Rich Sterns from World Vision. I have been a supported of World Vision for years - as they are one of the relief & development agencies that I really respect. World Vision is already there in Haiti. . . they have been there - helping, assisting, caring for many years.

Thanks for letting me share. . . (if you have read this far!)
And . . . in advance. . . thanks for praying & for giving.



Joanna from Fresh Figs said...


You are so very right. And your email is so very true & vulnerable. Thank you for sharing it.

I was just emailing with Kimberly about some relief stuff they/we want to do.

Love ya,


Sparky said...

Hello my dear, not sure how I came to find you, but so glad I did...My heart feels for this little island and their tragedy. I keep thinking it is a test to see how much we are listening and opening our hearts. Mine is open...
Thanks for being such a soft soul.
Blessings madame samm' ( oh I am now a follower as well)

Darlene said...

Beautifully said, Brenda. Thank you for sharing your heart.

Carol said...

What a beautiful post Brenda...thank you so much.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful post, Bren! Hubby is headed out to Haiti tomorrow to deliver heart breaks for then!

Unknown said...

Such a wonderful sentiment and the fact that your prayers were answered. God was definitely listening. Thank you for sharing and there are many prayers being sent to Haiti.

Sewn With Grace said...

I love how the Lord provides the funds and is gracious enough to show us! Thank you for sharing your story of His providing. I have been a supporter of World Vision for many years also, thank you for giving me and many others a tangible website to give to.
With joy,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing about how God led you to give, even when you had financial needs of your own. God has been speaking to me about giving as well, and your post was yet another reminder that God wants his people to be generous givers.

Dawn said...

Blessings on you, Bren.
God is good.

Lindah said...

A very sweet post. Thank you for sharing.

quilting chick said...

We do serve an awesome God-Thanks for sharing it's why I love your blog so much- Hugs-

MahQuilter said...

Your email just shows the world why I have welcomed you into my friendship heart. This is who you truly are and thank you for sharing your love of God with us. Let us all be reminded who loves us unconditionally and how to love HIM back. Pray and give what you can. Then, thank God for giving you the power to make life better for those suffering.

Samantha said...

We really have so much here. I also truly believe that God has blessed us so that we can bless others. Our family has also been involved with World Vision for years- a wonderful organization.
"To whom much is given, much will be required."

Nadine said...

Oh Bren, such a beautiful post...such a beautiful heart...and yet we still so often lack faith. Oh, the human-ness of it all! Thanks for sharing...real-ness is a good thing! Love the link to the simple woman too. Thanks.