Saturday, March 13, 2010

… welcome to my 'office/studio'

Whoa!. . . it's been almost a whole week since I posted. . .! Oops. It's been pretty busy here this past week. There was the delivery of the new line - & then strike-offs of the next one that I needed to get shipped off to Japan, & then there was shipping, creating the free quilt for the new line. . . & in between - stitching & stitching. No complaints though. . . just a lot of busy-ness. (& I've actually been taking some photos here & there. . . it's just finding the time to put them all together for a post or two. . . so. that will be my goal for this next week.)
Here's what's on ('playing') in my 'office' today. . . (& for the next few hours, my 'office/studio' will actually be me & my laptop & stitchery - nestled with a bunch of pillows on my bed!). . .

I'm actually halfway through 'Notting Hill' - as I started it this morning while sewing on the borders of a quilt that I've made from Joanna's (Fig Tree & Co.) pretty, pretty upcoming line 'Fresh Cottons'. But now that the quilt top is done (cue cheering in the background!). . . I'll be snuggling in for a bit . . . all the while being tempted to go outside. . . (it's a near perfect sunny spring day!). 

I'm discovering the beauty of making my quilts digitally for planning & for pattern use. . . they are so much clearer for people to see the design! I know that's an issue with some folks - so I'm playing around with the idea of using both when it comes to my new designs. But, it's a time eater, & these movies are so nice to have on in the background . . . You know - the movies you love & don't really even need to watch really. . . they are just like having a visit from a friend - all the while your working. Not bad working conditions - if you ask me!

. . . Now, please excuse me. . . but I'm off to open up all the windows in the house. . . ahh, Spring!



Megan said...

I think we have the same crafty movie tastes - those are some of the same movies I love to watch when I'm sewing!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

You need to add "Pride and Prejudice," the A&E version, to your movie stash. Ahhh...Mr Darcy is to die for...