Saturday, December 11, 2010

. . . a little trip

In September, I visited my brother & his family in the Minneapolis, MN area. . . & after enjoying the cooler temperatures & the beautiful colors, I decided that I needed to make it an annual event. I used to live in the Minneapolis area - & it was nice to wander around a bit & visit old haunts & discover new ones as well. Little did I know that I would be taking another little trip to Minneapolis before the year is done, but it turns out that I will be spending the next 10 days in the wonderful land-o'-lakes!

After dealing with a lot of pain for way too long, my brother had to have hip replacement surgery this past week, & it appears that he has had a few complications with the anesthesia recovery & it has slowed his progress on after surgery recovery down a bit. He will get to come home from the hospital (hopefully tomorrow - Sunday) - but since they live in a two story house, & since my sister-in-law (who is a teacher) must return back to work on Monday, I'm going to help out with taking Scott (my brother) to his follow-up appointments, labs & re-hab. This will make this a record breaking year for me visiting Minneapolis. . . my third time! (. . . & no complaining from me!) . . . & I'm just happy that I can be of some help.

The thing is. . . as of today, Minneapolis is getting hit by a great big blizzard! (10 - 16 inches of snow is expected.)  In fact, as I write this post, I have the weather channel on & Minneapolis has been their subject all morning! They also just had a reporter reporting from a few blocks from where my brother lives. . . & it was all white with very little visibility. (yikes) They also announced that over half of the flights going into & from the MSP airport are cancelled for today. . . Hmmm. 

I'm leaving tomorrow morning. . . & I have to change planes in Chicago (where the storm is headed. . . but they don't expect nearly the amount of snow). . . so I'm taking a bunch of handwork, a couple of magazines & a book with me on the plane. . . (just in case!)

So. . . . I also want to make the announcement that because of my impromptu little trip - the studio will closed for a bit over a week. We are still having our 'So Thankful For You' Sale on the website. . . & since there will be no shipping for the next week I am extending the sale until December 31.  As of noon (PST) on December 11 - you can still place your orders (to secure some of the limited items!) - but they will not be shipped until about December 21. (Any orders placed before this morning will be shipped out on Monday.) Sorry for any inconvenience!

Dad & Bailey will be 'holding-down-the-fort' here in the warm (around the 80's) southwest. I have to admit. . . I'm a little excited to see & be in snow again. . . but I have an idea that I will be ready to come home & thaw out after my visit!

So, for today, I'm hunting for every sweater & I'm digging out my tights, mittens, scarf & socks that I own (which is not very much these days!) ! Hope you have a great weekend & that you can stay warm!!



paulette said...

Here's wishing your brother a speedy recovery and safe travels to you!!
Enjoy the snow and bring some home for hubby and Bailey to play in!!:o)
Take care!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Hope you have safe travels to my snowy state Bren!

PamKittyMorning said...

Have a safe trip!

Darlene said...

Wishing a speedy recovery to your brother. I know he'll enjoy having you there to help.

Safe travels and stay warm.

Thimbleanna said...

Good Luck Brenda! Have a safe trip and enjoy being in the airports when they're all decorated and festive. I hope your brother recovers quickly!

Karen said...

Thoughts and prayers coming your way for a safe trip to MN and to your brother for his hip replacement surgery. Hope that over time, his pain will be gone.

Safe travels!


Vicky said...

Safe travels, sweetie! Brothers sure do pull at our heartstrings, don't they? Will keep you all in my prayers. xox

Sewn With Grace said...

I will be praying for safe travels and for your brothers recovery. It is so wonderful that you can go and help. Enjoy the snow while you can. Wish I could leave it after a few days! :)

Louise said...

What a very nice sister you are..
Stay warm, be safe, and travel safe both in the car and flying..

Louise said...

What a very nice sister you are..
Stay warm, be safe, and travel safe both in the car and flying..

Samantha said...

Safe travels and enjoy the snow!

luvtoquilt said...

I am originally from Minneapolis -- my sister still resides there. To say they have snow this weekend is an understatement. But I still would go back with you in a minute if it were possible. I LOVE being snowed in -- it's the getting there and back home that's the hard part. You will be in my prayers tomorrow!

Denise said...

Hope you're already there safe and sound!

Anne Sutton said...

Have a safe trip Bren and a wonderful Christmas! I'm sure Bailey and your Dad will miss you something awful. Tell your Dad not too many treats for Mr. B.

Hope your brother is better very soon. Enjoy the snow by staying inside looking at the winter wonderland!