Saturday, April 28, 2012

… spring cleaning (sale)

Today the biggest 'spring cleaning' task I've ever done is starting. . .
. . . the house is getting painted!

. . . Actually, I'm not doing it. . . but it's coming out of my pocketbook
. . . so I'm definitely feeling a part of it.

The house was washed down late yesterday afternoon. . . 
(& after seeing all the dirt that came off. . . 
I'm thinking I should be doing that every 2 years or so!)
. . . & today, we are in a cocoon of sorts with all the windows & doors sealed in plastic,
. . . & Bailey is keeping track of all the painters & all the new noises!
(. . . He's going to be one sleepy little fluffybump tonight!)

The website is also having it's own 'Spring Cleaning'. . .
. . . in the form of a sale!

All books & patterns are 25 - 75% off! 
(You can find the website here)

Don't-cha just love spring?!?

♥ Bren


Tina said...

Baily is just sooo cute!!!!!
P.S. Love your blog.

Donna Sparling said...

Brenda, Just found your Blog and love it! I had to go back and read every post. Just received my package of sale goodies....I am over the moon! Love, LOve, LOVE everything. Thanks for the suprise pattern....have never tried it but this may inspire me to. Can't wait to get into my stach and start pulling fabrics for all the quilts I plan on making. Thanks again and keep the beautiful patterns coming. Donna