Tuesday, May 8, 2012

… a little puttering in the studio

Actually. . . I've been spending as much time as possible in the studio. . .
. . . 'cause I've missed it!

For the last two weeks, I've been subbing a whole bunch - as a teacher friend had to have some emergency back surgery, so I took over his classes for seven days. (. . . & loved it!)

. . . then there was the house getting painted & I was kept very busy by you filling orders from the spring cleaning sale on at the website 

So, the other evening, there was such a warm home-y glow in the studio. . . that I couldn't help but go in & 'hang out'. 

I noticed how low the fabric bundles were getting & so I decided to cut & cut,
 & cut some more. . . 

. . . late into the evening, I ended up with these. . .

"these" are close to the end of what I have of my latest Durham Anew Collection.

There are a couple of fat-eighth bundles of the entire line. . .

& then there are little fat quarter bundles - by color - so you can pick & choose your favorites.

(You can also see the fabric a little better (than low evening light) here.)

. . . & the bundles are on the website now - & you can find them here.

I've also been busy working on the next 'farmhouse collection' quilt (binding!!!),
. . . & getting a peek of the new fabric line ready for you! (tomorrow!) 

I know that I will be subbing at the end of the week. . . one more time before the school year end. . .  (our finals week is next week! - yikes!). . .  but until then, I'm planning to get back into the puttering mode. . .
. . . you know where!

Hope you have a wonderful day!



Carrie P. said...

lovely photos and stacks of fabrics.

Darlene said...

There is definitely a nice glow in your studio. So warm and inviting!

Nice to 'see' you!

Samantha said...

I wish I lived closer so I could come "play" in your studio with you! Fat quarter bundles are yummy....