Saturday, August 18, 2012

… weekend sewing

. . . yes, I'm a trimmer
. . . what can I say. . . the neat stacks of freshly trimmed blocks makes me happy.

. . . I've fallen a bit for this one. . . it's extra. . . & I'm thinking it will be for me.

This weekend, I've turned my focus back on a quilt that I started a couple of months ago.
(. . . I've gotten a little sidetracked.)

It's for someone very special. . . & I'm using the same fabrics that I used for
'By My Hand'. . .

. . . It's the 'courthouse steps' block. . . & a little later, I'll explain why I'm making this particular block.
For now. . . as I'm sewing  strips together & these blocks start transforming. . .  I find a smile will spread across my face with memories of the person it is for.

These still have one more 'row' of strips to go. . . & then I've got to decide how I want to put them all together.

. . . decisions I'm more than happy to work on.



Auntie Pami said...

Oh so pretty (sorry, it's early, have not had coffee and pretty is not really the best choice). Can't wait to see them together. Stay cool.

Clara {Clover and Violet} said...

Love this block!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

It's beautiful, Bren. "By My Hand" is on my To Do list. I adore it!
Happy Sunday!

Createology said...

Your blocks are beautiful and the one extra is especially pretty. What will you do with all your trimming pieces? Stitching Bliss...

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Oh Bren , I love trimming my blocks, too! Yours look crisp and ordered, and oh so pretty. :-)

Dawn said...

Your attention to detail is the reason your work is flawless!!!

Sandie said...

I love the fabrics you are working with! Any clues you can give me on the fabric lines would be awesome! Like the quilts, I might add!

MahQuilter said...

It is going to be wonderful. I know your special someone will just love it.