Saturday, September 22, 2012

… a wonderful. . . exhausting week.

Whew!. . . what a week.

As many of you might know, I used to teach (high school art) at a local private school, & last year I went back & started substitute teaching. I have loved it. Loved getting to be with the kids again, & I even gotten to be back in my old classroom a couple of times.

This past week I've been subbing the sixth grade core classes.

. . . nuff said.

I had a wonderful time. . . but,
I.  am.  exhausted.

It's that good kind of tired, but I must admit that surely enjoyed sleeping in an extra hour - until 6:30 this morning!

The sixth grade is the youngest class at the school, as it is a middle school - high school. Mostly I have subbed at the high school grades, but I must admit that what I did l love the most, was that on Friday, my last day subbing the 6th graders, I got hugs, & some of the kids came back into the classroom after school, when I was straightening-up the room, to say thank you. Honestly. . . how could you not love that!

I had to laugh at myself though, because every night this past week, I have been in bed about 8 - 8:30 & lights out no later than 9:00 pm. I was that tired! (lol!)

What I missed the most about this last week, was getting to work on some new projects, as much as I wanted to. . . but after getting home, filling orders (no complaints there!), & trying to keep up with emails, I was pretty much spent.

This is the little bit of stitching that I did get to do. I can't wait to show you the finished projects. . . (the other one is wool on flannel!)

Soon though. . . I will try my hardest to make it as soon as possible. 

I do want to thank you for the response to my fabric line 'Hill Farm'. I was made aware that Jenny at her Sew Fabulous Quilt Shop Blog did a post asking folks to vote for their favorite lines from 12 lines that she was considering for her quilt shop. I'm so pleased to find out that Hill Farm was one of the top lines chosen! What a treat!
Lecien will be taking orders for Hill Farm - only through the end of September (just a week away!) - so if you are a shop owner, & are considering it. . . don't wait! (Checker & E.E. Schenck are also taking orders for Hill Farm as well.)
The fabrics are due out in November. . . & I'm going to be spending some time between now & then making some new projects with it. . . so be sure to come back & see, okay?

Until then . . . I'm going to be going to bed earlier. . . (I've actually liked getting to bed earlier. . !)  & getting up earlier. It's a nice way to welcome in autumn, as the days get shorter, & the evenings come so much more quickly. I like the getting up before the sun rises, & get to witness the pink sunrises that come with cooler weather.
(. . . plus, it's very handy, just in case I get an early morning call to sub for the day!)

Hope you have a wonderful start to (what I must admit is my favorite season) autumn!


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Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Glad you are enjoying your time back in the classroom - I'm sure you are an excellent teacher. I was one who voted for your fabric - it's gorgeous as is that peek of stitching you are working on.