Friday, November 2, 2012

… blessings & thankfulness

. . .'first-ly', Bailey would like me to thank all of you who have been asking about him & mentioned how much you like hearing about him.
(. . . he thinks you are very nice. . . (& very smart)!)

We have been enjoying the efforts of autumn trying to arrive here. . .
From one year to another - we can never really tell what November will be like.
Whether we will be warmer or cooler (what we are rooting for), there will be no complaints from here. 
In the light of watching the weather stories from other parts of the country - I have come to realize how much we are a bit spoiled here in Arizona.
. . . Sure we have some hot days in the summer. . . but we simply do things earlier in the day & then we celebrate the air-conditioning! Also, when the heat gets to be a bit much, that often starts the 'monsoon' season - where we get afternoon rains that cool everything off.
So really. . . I must admit that I realize that although there are many other places in our country that I think are great. . . I really love calling where I am - 'home'.

. . .  & 'second-ly',  as I've recently been doing a lot of 'counting my blessings' with the mildness of the  area that I'm blessed to live in, &/or if you have followed my blog 
(&/or business) for more than a year - then you realize that all November long is a month that I love to celebrate the blessing of getting to do what I do, & the blessing that my customers are to me!

So, yep. . . it's starting. . . !

. . . all patterns & books are at least 25% off (. . . & some more!)
(. . . Also, I have a little surprise for each order. . . a little way for each of us to share a little something with someone else!)

I hope that, as we head into this season of celebration - we will also keep those who have been through so much this year - whether they be close family or friends, or the folks on the northeast coast that are dealing with such devastation,  close to our hearts & in our prayers.

So, with that spirit - I want for all to know that for all orders received on November 2 & 3, all proceeds will be donated to Samaritan's Purse & World Vision.

. . . thank you for all the blessings you have brought to my life,
& I look forward to the blessings that we can bring to many others!



Auntie Pami said...

So sweet Bren, I'll have to see what I need. Hugs to ou and bailey and your dad.

Sue said...

Awww. Such wonderful organizations! That is so good of you. Quilters are such generous people.

Give Bailey a squeeze for us.

MahQuilter said...

One can always count on you to bring blessings to others. Keeping you, Bailey and your Dad in my prayers. Praying your wishes come true.