Wednesday, November 21, 2012

… house projects. . . getting done!

Autumn is coming. . . if oh so subtly here.
The pyracantha bushes that cover much of our backyard walls
 turned a perfect orangy-pumkiny color. . . making up for the lack of autumn leaves.
(Actually, these photos were taken a little over a week ago, 
& the berries are already turning red. . . perfect for Christmas!

I've been doing a lot of subbing (substitute teaching) the past few weeks -
so I apologize for the lack of posting.

So this week . . . I have been working on some projects around the house
 that I've been wanting to do - for some time.

A few weeks ago, we replaced the carpet in the master suite (Dad's bedroom) 
with the same Pergo (cherry plank) that we have in the living-dining rooms, 
kitchen & my studio. It looks wonderful. 

So yesterday, I cleaned the carpets in the remaining 3 rooms (bedrooms) that still have the cut berber carpet that I picked out when the house was brand new. It's a good carpet, but I'm ready for a change. (Plus, it's so light - it now shows everything.)
I've never cleaned them myself - but it wasn't too bad! 
I borrowed the machine (a Bissell) from a friend & I think that if I was installing 
new carpets - I would get my own carpet cleaner. I really like the idea of being able to get them cleaner than just vacuuming.

It was also a good workout!

I also cleaned the small braided area rug & runner that I have, & I thought that I was
so clever to put them outside - on the grass - in the sun so that they would dry quickly (& flat). But I was so tired last evening that I forgot to bring them in & of course, this morning was when the sprinklers were scheduled to come on.
 Yep. . . they got a really good rinse! (. . . & I learned how heavy they are when really wet!)
I draped them over outdoor chairs today.  . .
 & I remembered to pull them onto the back-porch before the sun set.
I'm just hoping they dry out by tomorrow.

Another thing that has been on my 'to-do' list for quite awhile 
is to hang some drapery on the living-dining room picture windows, as well as to replace the vertical blinds that have been on the two sliding doors. 
Those were installed when I moved in. . . & although they are the nice fabric kind 
-  they were meant to be a short-term treatment. . . (that was 12 years ago!)

I got all of the drapery panels at Pottery Barn & have had them for almost a year. . . 
I just couldn't find the rods that I wanted.
. . . Until a few ago. (thank you Target for updating your drapery rod selection!)
So, . . . since Dad is in San Diego (with his Granddaughters & great-grandkids) 
for Thanksgiving. . . I'm taking advantage of the time to clean out the bedrooms (for cleaning the carpets) as well as hanging the rods & drapes. . . without him wanting to get up on the ladder. . . (!)

I'm not putting anything back into the bedrooms (one is my office) 
without sorting through everything. 
It's amazing to see everything out of the room. . . & I've found things I didn't remember I still had! (They can so easily get tucked away in a corner!) 
 I've already taken some things over to the school (paper, supplies that I never used & probably won't ever) & I even found a  Moda BOM (Piece & Plenty) that I had purchased from Fat Quarter Shop. . . that I never even started. I love it. . . but I know that I'll never get it started now. So. . . you guessed it - it's now on the 'tag sale' page on the website! (As well as a 'Dear Jane' book & ruler set.) I had the best on intentions - but I would rather they go to someone who will actually use them!

So, tomorrow is going to be a work day for me. . . but one that I'm so thankful to have!
I got a couple of very sweet invites for Thanksgiving dinner. . . 
but, my ideal Thanksgiving day this year will be getting the vertical blinds down, the draperies hung while the 'Macy's Thanksgiving Parade' is one, 
& then the National Dog Show. . . & whatever Christmas movies 
that I find on the Hallmark channel. 

The evening before all the carpet cleaning started. . .

. . . Bailey 'guarding' my bedroom doorway.
(the carpet cleaner was sitting across the hall, in a bedroom doorway.)

. . . my hero.

(. . . see that little black thing on the floor - by the door?. . . 
that's the 'hoof' of one of Bailey's stuffed animals. . . 
More on that - in another post.)

To my American readers, I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
. . . & to all of us - may we continue to remember to count our blessings!


(. . . don't forget that the 'Counting My Blessings' sale is still happening on the website!)


Auntie Pami said...

Poor bailey, you just plum wore him out. I'm sure he is a good little supervisor! Hope you both have a lovely day tomorrow.

Jacquelynne Steves said...

I know what you mean about the curtains- I still have some up from when we bought this house 11 years ago- and I don't even like them! I just haven't "gotten around" to changing them yet. Oh well maybe someday!!
Wishing you, your dad and Bailey a wonderful Thanksgiving.