Wednesday, November 28, 2012

… little treats

Who would think that such simple little things 
could make me so giddy. . .

 But, while at church on Sunday, 
I told a friend about my upcoming trip to Minneapolis
& she told me about these little gloves that she got at Target.

They are 'smart' gloves!
. . .Well, at least the pointer fingers & thumbs are.
You can use those two fingertips while using a cellphone with a touch screen.
A regular  'mittened' or 'gloved' finger won't work - 
but for some reason these two 'special' fingertips will!
(. . . & for 3 dollars - I couldn't refuse!)
(. . . & yes, I did have to pull out my iPhone at Target - 
just to be sure & give them a 'test drive'!)

I'm very excited about my trip to Minneapolis later this week.
(The last time I went this time of year - they had just had a blizzard!)
The weather looks like it will be very nice,
(not too cold - but cold enough - it is winter after all!)
I know they have gotten a little snow 
& I just hope that some of it is still around. (sigh)

I realized that I will be out of the studio/office for a few days after 
the website sale (Counting My Blessings) was scheduled to end - so I will
be extending the sale until December 4th. . . 
(25% or more off all patterns & books!)

. . . & speaking of little treats. . .

. . . my dear friend, Jacquelynne Steves, 
the incredibly talented designer behind The Noble Wife,
is looking for some feedback & your opinion & is doing a giveaway 
as a thank you to those who respond.
If you would like to participate - you find the blog post here!

Before I get out my suitcase - I've got to give Bailey a bath. . .
He is having a very special friend (Nubin!) . . .
. . . well okay. . . his *girlfriend* (see here!)
come & stay with him while I'm gone. . .
. . . & he want's to look (& smell!) his best!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

♥ Bren


Auntie Pami said...

He is such a stinker, isn't he? But hard to resist that little face. Hope he is a good boy for Nubin. Have a safe trip to MN and enjoy the snow. Whenever you are missing the rain...

Jacquelynne Steves said...

Oh those gloves are a great idea! I will have to look for those- thanks for the heads-up :)

Louise said...

Thanks for the heads up on the gloves..i will have to add three pair for my girls..good stocking stuffers! Safe travels!