Saturday, February 9, 2013

… just for fun … to brighten your day.

Ah, . . . it's been a rainy (with a little bit of snow!) day,

. . . & I've finally been able to catch up a little bit on emails & blogs.

Then. . . I get a link to a video. . .
. . . & you what that can lead to.

Yup. . . one leads to another. . . to another. . . to another.
So, just for fun, I thought I'd post my three favorites.

The first one is from a Josh Groban concert. (Josh often seems to sing a duet with an audience member, & this young lady (Maude) was. . . stunning!) 

(Here's another view of the duet. . . it's cute to watch Josh's expression!)

Then. . . there is a little clip from a Michael Buble concert,
where a proud mother convinces him to let her son (Sam) sing with him.
(. . . his reaction is priceless)

And finally. . . this amazing 14 year-old Australian young man (Jack).
A. M. A. Z. I. N. G.

FUN. . .! Yes?
I hope they brought a smile to your day.
(. . .they sure did to mine!)



MahQuilter said...

Not only did it bring a smile to my day it also brought tears for the beauty in their voices.

Louise said...

Definitely added a smile on my face..thank you for sharing..I am still smiling!

Lou said...

This was all so moving! I'm smiling ear to ear, tears running down my face. Thank you for this.

Suburban Stitcher said...

super fun! great talent there :)

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Thanks for bringing all of these to my attention Bren! My husband and I both thoroughly enjoyed them.

Michelle said...

Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!

Melanie said...

You made my day... thanks--- on a wet, snowy Monday.....

Sewn With Grace said...

My daughter and I watched all three and so enjoyed ourselves. Thank you for sharing! I loved it!