Friday, February 15, 2013

… pretty, pretty rings

. . . especially when they are great big rings holding
skeins & skeins of these beauties.

In a couple of weeks, I'm going to TNNA's 
(The National Needlework Association)
Spring Show in Nashville (I'm so excited!!!),
. . . & I've pulled all of my floss sample rings from both
Weeks Dye Works & The Gentle Art, as they will both be there.

Valdani will also be at this show, so between these three. . . 
I'm going to be in overdyed floss & perle cotton heaven!

I printed off their latest order forms, so that I could check
what I have on my sample rings, & know which flosses I need to get to
get my sample rings up-to-date.

Some folks might think that this would be tedious,
but I had a 'ball'!. . . I kept falling in love with certain colors. . .
. . . all over again, & it was all I could do to not keep stopping 
to plan a new idea for new designs.
Bit, I persevered 
(. . . it's a tough job - but somebody's good do it!).

(Also, for those of you who might be wondering - Weeks Dye Works' colors are now colorfast! (yippee!!!) You can read about it here.)

But. . . until then, I've got three quilts that need to be quilted,
 & two more just getting started. 
(. . . & yes, one of then will have stitchery on it!)

. . . so there's no getting bored around here!

Hope your week is filled with lots of fun things too!

♥ Bren


Auntie Pami said...

I would love to go, maybe next year. I would be in thread heaven!

Carrie P. said...

Floss is almost as fun to collect as fabric. Have fun at the show.

Dawn Heese said...

I love looking through all my floss too. Sometimes the colors will inspire a new project. I have my Weeks on rings but need to do the same for Gentle Arts.