Monday, April 29, 2013

... keeping busy

Took a little trip to Texas for a wonderfully fun surprise birthday party for my Aunt Trudy. A whole bunch of my cousins 'descended' on the cute little town of Lampases where we all celebrated her 90th birthday. My Aunt Trudy is the only living sibling of my Mom's family... & there were 10 kids in their family! It was a lovely time, & I was reminded what a great bunch of cousins I have. We took up two rows of pews at church, & it I couldn't help but smile as we all sang together. (All of my cousins have amazing voices...!) I know that my Mom & her brothers & sisters were looking down on us, so pleased that we were all together. (& I know it won't be the last time!)

Beside's navigating airports (with Dad too), I've also gotten some stitching done. Although I'm not prepping for Quilt Market (not going), I have been 'teaching' a wool club at a local quilt shop, The Quilt Basket (one of the new Top Ten Shops in the latest Quilt Sampler!), & in May we are starting a new design, 'Tavern House' by Maggie Bonanomi. (I love this design!) I am doing mine on linen (the original is on black wool). Also, I've started the borders for the embroidery version of a new quilt that will (hopefully) be released by the end of May.

(I tried to post the photos first - but I couldn't figure out how... This is my first time posting with 'Blogger for iPad'. For those of you who use it... any tips are welcome!)

I'm thinking that these... as well as the cross stitch designs I'm working on... should keep me plenty busy... for now at least!

Hope you have a great week!

xo, Bren

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Louise said...

Loved the vision I had of your family members in church, praying and singing together...that is a very good thing!