Saturday, May 4, 2013

… blessing in disguise

This morning. . . I awoke to hearing a *peck-peck-peck* outside,
. . . then the doorbell started to ring . . . but never finished.
When I got up to see if anyone was at the front door (nope), I realized that the fans were all off, & that there was no electricity.
At first I thought that a woodpecker might have pecked through something it shouldn't have. . . but, it turns out it was the whole north side of town that lost power, so I decided to make the best of it.

We have had some wonderful spring weather, & each morning I have been opening up the windows & sliders, & in the mornings I have enjoyed the fresh air through out the house. (They get closed up in the afternoon when the temps have been getting a little too warm.) 
But, what I hadn't done yet - was to spend much time outside in the mornings. . . & that changed today.
(I usually turn on a morning show while I get started on emails &/or planning the day.)

But, today. . . I decided to pour myself a cup of coffee (thankfully, it came on automatically earlier), & I took it, my stitchery, & my little buddy to the table on back porch, & had such a lovely time! Dad even came out with his bowl of cereal & joined us for a bit.

It was so peaceful & was a wonderful way to start the day.
I do believe that I will be starting many more mornings this way. . . !
. . . & while we were out there the funniest thing happened. . . the doorbell finished it's ring...
... yep, the power came back on.) It was the perfect ending to a wonderful start of the day.

Now. . . (this afternoon) I've been back getting some graphic work done on the computer, & I'm (obviously) able to publish this post. . . but thinking about having to 'do without' has made me rethink the *need* to have access to electronics at all times. . .
I'm thinking that it is a wonderful thing. . . but not to the point that it controls my day (& my attention!).

I've thankful for the wake-up call. . . & for this blessing in disguise.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I think I could use that wake up call too Bren! I sort of had it yesterday as Audrey had stayed overnight. The guest bedroom (she sleeps in a big bed now) is also the office, so no computer while she is here. I give her my entire attention the whole time. Except I did give her a stitch board and shoe laces to work on while I hand quilted. Hope we get some of your warm weather soon.