Friday, October 16, 2009

… an amazing designer. . .

We all have someone that we admire. . . & for quite awhile Yoko Saito has been a designer that I am, quite honestly, in awe of. So when I was asked to design fabric with Lecien. . . I was incredibly honored (& intimidated!) - as Lecien is the fabric company that Yoko Saito designs with. Her lines are called Centenary Collection & they are some of the most elegant & striking fabrics I have ever seen.

For this past Fall Quilt Market, Lecien reserved four booths - for the sole purpose to display some of the amazing designs that Yoko Saito has created & I had the pleasure of having my booth right across the aisle from the quilts & so I got to gaze at them for three days straight! Some of the most fun was to also watch others as they came across the incredible mini quilt gallery amidst the hundreds of booths. . . First they would stop & point. . . & then . . . without fail. . . they would get up close. . . real close. . . jaws dropped in amazement at the intricate handwork (& yes all hand quilted) & subtle yet stunning beauty of each quilt.

I did my best with my little iPhone & older camera. . . but I just couldn't let the opportunity pass by to share a little of the incredible quilts. . . works of art, really. . . that Yoko Saito has graced us with. And, because there are really no words adequate. . . I will simple let you have a little taste of what was in my Quilt Market "neighborhood". . . (I could not have asked for a better location!)

Okay. . . all together now. . . " s i g h !"

(. . . & yes!. . . I have more photos (!) & I will share them too!)

xo, Bren


Sherri said...

Yes...these quilts are stunning...I see what you meant!

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

Yes Amen to that big sigh! Thank you so much for sharing, the muted colors are wonderful! Sigh....

Thimbleanna said...

Wow! The detail is amazing. What a fabulous booth location you had -- thanks for sharing your pictures!

Jackie said...

Those quilts were ones that I definitely looked at quite closely while I was there. They were amazing.

Kathie said...

her work is just amazing!
oh my gosh I would have been staring at those quilts the whole time!
thank you so much for sharing them with us...
look forward to more!
how lucky you were to have that location!

Alicia said...

I saw those quilts, too! They are Awesome and Lovely! I can only imagine the hours they must have taken to complete!


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