Saturday, October 24, 2009

… a little promo!

Hi Folks. . . just dropping in to let you know & to give you a link over to the Jolly Jabber blog. . . where they have done a post about 'Celebration'! Thanks guys!

This weekend finds me working on not one. . . but two fabric lines! Yikes!. . . But actually - although I have to keep my ideas straight. . . & my time management skills at their best. . . I'm in a bit of design heaven (!) - (but not enough time to grab a camera. . . I promise peeks for later!.)

The first line that I'm working on will be released at spring Market. . . & I'm working on notes for the last of the painted proofs. . . (& I have to say. . . I LOVE them!!!) The other line that I'm working on is for next fall. For that one, I have the prints all ready & now I'm surrounded by my COSMO embroidery floss samples. . . all divided into color families. . . & I've finally settled on my colors. (That's how I specify colors - as I know the colors - or very close to them - can be attained into cotton . . . not always the case with paints. . .) Anyway, I'm very excited about this line too, & my mind is already spinning with ideas. . . which reminds me. . .

. . . I really need to get my idea pin-board back up. . . so I can start organizing my ideas!

Hope you have a great weekend. . .!

xo, Bren


trish said...

I am a new quilter and simply in love with your new fabric! :o) I can hardly wait to purchase some for our home!
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Oh wow, how fun for you - two lines! I'm sure they will be wonderful.

Sinta Renee said...

You must dream designs! Two new lines coming...that is so exciting! I am sure that they will be as beautiful as your current collection...will they coordinate?