Tuesday, October 20, 2009

. . . a little bit of a 'Celebration'

This Quilt Market was very special for me. . . in several ways. One of them being that this was the Market where my first fabric line - 'Celebration' was presented. (. . . as if I haven't brought this point up before!. . . lol!)

Lecien did a wonderful booth space for all the new lines & so there was a booth - with just items made from my 'Celebration' fabrics! It was right across from my booth & so we "had the corner" on all things 'Celebration'. . . so to speak! I have had my sample fabrics to make things for Market - but Nireko did an amazing job getting the fabrics to other designers. Wow. I was a bit overwhelmed to see so many things made out of my fabrics. . .! (My one regret is that I didn't get a photo of each & every thing made!. . .)

Here's the Lecien - 'Celebration' booth -

. . . & this is adorable Lynette Anderson in her booth, & the bag that she made with 'Celebration' fabrics. . .

. . . & here's the cute accessories that go with it! TOO cute!!

. . . & here is sweet Barbara Jones - of Quilt Soup, standing in front of one of the quilts she made with 'Celebration' (She also made another one of this design for the 'Celebration' booth! . . . Barbara you amaze me!)

. . . & I am in love with this quilt she made. . . (& I'm so embarrassed - I didn't write down the names of the designs. . . !)

Also in the 'Celebration' booth - is the prettiest table runner & little fabric picture made by Elizabeth Scott. It's called 'Celebrate Spring' . . . (isn't she clever?!)

Then. . . there is this sweet, sweet quilt, 'Promise In Paris' - designed by Keiko Clark. Keiko is a wonderful designer & you can find her designs under her design label - K Cotton Studio. (. . . also, I have found out that Prairie Queens Quilt Shop - in San Jose, CA - where Keiko teaches at - has kits available for this design! You can find it here.)

This quilt. . . 'A New Day' will soon be available as a free pattern on the Lecien website. . . so keep checking!

There were several purses & bags made , & I didn't even get photos of them all . . . or even the name of this adorable purse (so sorry!) (edited to add: I found out that this purse - 'Peony Bouquet Tote' - is also made by Keiko Clark. . . thank you Keiko!) I think it hit me so. . . that others would actually use my fabrics! So - if any of the designs that I was such a dope & didn't get the info about. . . is yours. . . please let me know!. . . (& THANK YOU!) And, a big thank you to Nireko Ohira for working so hard & getting 'Celebration' into the hands of so many people, & Lecien for providing those fabrics. You're wonderful!

(You can also find another beautiful design - by Denise Sheehan of 'A Graceful Stitch' - called Garden Stars. . . here! Thanks Denise! It's beautiful!)

I have one more "Market" post. . . about the other very special treat at Market. . . (soon!)

xo, Bren


Suburban Stitcher said...

The fabric is gorgeous! Congratulations!

Unknown said...

Bren, Your fabric is just wonderful! Everything that was created from it was just beautiful. They looked fabulous hanging around market. Yes, you really did have prime space!

PamKittyMorning said...

Ohhh its definitely something to Celebrate!

paulette said...

Thank you so much for taking us to market!! I love everything about your fabric- it makes me want to celebrate being a quilter!! Can't wait for it to hit the shops!!
Thanks again!

Sherri said...

Loved seeing all the quilts made with Celebration! I can't wait to get started on a project I have in mind for it!

Denise said...

Here's another one! http://www.agracefulstitch.com/patterns/garden_stars.html

Sinta Renee said...

I love seeing the pictures from Market of your beautiful fabric made up in so many different quilts! You really designed a wonderful group Brenda!

MahQuilter said...

Each one is a celebration of your beautiful line. Looking forward to more lines to come.

Camille said...

Really Brenda, every single thing I've seen out of your fabric is gorgeous! I'm starting to think the fabric just might have something to do with it.... ;-)

Some celebration is definitely in order!