Wednesday, October 14, 2009

… a bit of Fall Quilt Market

. . . Here's how it all starts.

First we hang the drapes. . . (& I finally remembered - when packing my boxes - to pack my draping & pole covers on the top - so that it would be the first thing unpacked & easy to find!)

Then - after several hours of unpacking, assembling furniture (a big shout out to IKEA!!! We love them!), & fluffing & fussing. . . we're ready for Quilt Market to begin. Here's the booth for this year. . .

On the table in the front corner is the table cover / quilt that I call 'Garden Windows'. I made it from the ever popular (for good reason!) French General fabrics - Roenneries. I also used the wonderful COSMO 2-strand-on-a-spool floss for the embroidery on it. ( . . . & yes - I will be getting some of the floss up on the website. . . soon!)

. . . here's the left side. . . (the quilt on the left, 'Ellie' will be available by the end of October, & the red / cream quilt & the blue / cream quilt are both from the pattern 'Around the Corner')

. . . here's the right side. . . (the little blue / cream 'Around the Corner' quilt again & the large 'Around the Corner' quilt in the center, & on the right - 'Cottage Sweet Home'.) . . . as well as my treasured pink & white hydrangea that I found at a local Houston nursery. I just love hydrangeas. . . & I try to have them in my booth whenever I can!

. . . & to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month (& to keep us "fueled") our jars of chocolate. (. . . & by the way - Target & Walmart. . . why aren't you carrying any of the brands (Dove, M&M's, Hersheys) that are profiting the Susan B. Koman Foundation with their special pink candies. . . ??? Shame on you!) . . . (sorry, I'll get off my soapbox now. . . )

My hands-down favorite part of Market, was getting to meet up & see friends & make new ones. . . (I'll post more about that!). This is Jacquelyn Steves the designer behind The Noble Wife. Jackie is an amazing artist that I know will be a well known name in the quilting world!

. . . & this is Jennifer Bosworth - of Shabby Fabrics. Jennifer is a sweetheart & I always look forward to seeing her at Market. Also . . . big news (!) Jennifer is now blogging! (fanfare & cheering in the background!). . . You can find her blog here at 'Heart to Heart'. (That name so fits you Jennifer!)

I have a few more days worth of photos from Market. . . so I hope you'll be back for some more!

xo, Bren


Denise said...

Your booth was adorable and your fabric was a big hit!!! Congratulations Brenda!

Sherri said...

Your booth is peaceful and pretty! I love the new quilt Ellie...and of course your beautiful fabrics!

paulette said...

What an amazing booth! I would have loved to have had a little visit!!

Unknown said...

Bren, I was so glad to see you at market again! Your schoolhouse was fantastic, your fabric gorgeous and your booth out of this world. I loved the fact that you had a great spot for your booth. I think we passed it a gazillion times! That is definitely a high traffic area.

Jennifer said...

Awesome booth, Bren! And your new designs look fabulous!

Camille said...

Yum! What a delicious booth! You always do such a great job with it. And it is even more beautiful with your fabric. See you next time!

happy zombie said...

What an exciting Market for you - and as always... a beautiful booth with with beautiful things with beautiful inspiration... and most of all... beautiful you!

Shabby Fabrics said...

Thanks Bren, You're so cute. Your fabrics and quilts just make me SOOOO happy. Soft gentle colors.