Wednesday, October 21, 2009

. . . making Market so very special. . .

Sometimes. . . you are blessed with meeting the nicest of people.. . . & that's just what happened to me at Market.

In past Quilt Markets, I have made some wonderful friends. . . & one of the great things about Market for us - it that we get to see each other again. . . (even if it is just briefly sometimes!) But this Market - I was just on the other side of the Lecien booths - from the adorable Rosalie Quinlan (Rosalie Quinlan Designs) & here sister Melanie Hurlston (Melly & Me) & I can say - without a doubt - that they were my absolute favorite part of this Market.

Rosalie & I have been emailing each other - ever since we realized that each other were also designing a fabric line with Lecien - (Rosalie's adorable line is called 'Grandmother's Flower Garden') - & we have discovered that we have so many very special things in common. . . & that made visiting even all the sweeter.

Here's a peek at Molly (a new doll) & a stitchery from Rosalie's wonderful new book, 'A Stitch in Time'. (The bag is one of Pam's new designs (Messenger Bag) & can be found on the Late Bloomer Quilts website.)

Here's Rosalie & Melly. . . in their beautiful booth! (. . . filled to the brim with eye candy! I want to make everything in it!)

. . . & here's Rosalie, me & Melly. . .

. . . & I can't leave out Melly's 'Mrs. Perkins' . . . the cutest giraffes in the world! These are made from fabrics from Rosalie's fabric line. . . (or "fabric range" as Rosalie calls it!. . . I love the Aussie terms for things!)

Thanks so much Rosalie & Melanie. . . I truly consider it a blessing to get to know you better! Next fall. . . we must do dinner! (. . . & I must give a shout out to Neil & Dean!. . . it was great to meet you guys too!. . . I hope you ate all the chocolate Kisses!) :o)

The other bright spot of sunshine at Market was the dear sweet Nireko Ohira (on the left). Nireko is the go to girl at Lecien & I think she is amazing! (She worked all market after having knee surgery. . . She's a wonder woman!) I also was so pleased & honored to meet Atsuko - one of the Lecien designers. . . & who will be working on some of my projects! She is amazingly talented (& sweet!) & I was so happy to meet her.

Quilt Market is an amazing time. . . it's crazy busy, physically exhausting, & can be non-stop for days on end. Bottom line. . . it's a trade show, but what makes it wonderful are the people & the friends we make. . .

. . . & I must say again. . . that in that respect - I have been very, very blessed.

xo, Bren


PamKittyMorning said...

I agree, friends are what really make the whole thing great! xo

Sinta Renee said...

I remember seeing you at your first Market... it's so exciting to see your sucess and now branching out to fabric design as well!

Sue said...

it was so nice to see you at market! love your new fabric!

Sherri said...

What wonderful times! I'm just so happy for all your success!

Rae Ann said...

I love the new fabric line. The doll, everything was outstanding. What a fun time meeting new people and making great memories that will last forever. That is the best part!


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