Tuesday, August 17, 2010

daybook ::28::

for today :: August 17, 2010

outside my window. . .   cloudy & a bit muggy. Storms expected this afternoon . . .

I am thinking. . . of all the projects I need to work on using my computer. . . with the threat of afternoon storms - I need to get them done this morning. (& ever since a neighbors house was struck with lightening, with the big storms - things get unplugged around here!)

from the kitchen. . . so far coffee, with cinnamon added to the grounds . . . yum. (Dad  doesn't like his coffee that way, but he is traveling this week - so I get to enjoy some flavored coffees!)

I am wearing. . .  jammies still. . . got working on the computer before I even got dressed! (need to get on that!)

I am creating. . .  4 new designs - all at the same time (I usually start & complete something before starting the next design - so this is something new for me) . . .  (& #5 project is waiting in the wings!)

I am remembering. . .  Mom

I am reading. . .  'The Postcard' - by Beverly Lewis

I am hoping . . .  to get a lot done this week! I really want to be ahead when it comes to getting things ready for Fall Market. . .

I am hearing. . .  Bailey wandering around. . . looking for his best morning napping spot. . . 

around the house. . .  fabrics, fabrics & more fabrics! 

I am going. . .  to get things ready for some new website pages (including some Durham bundles!)

one of my favorite things. . . pulling a just finished quilt out of the dryer after it's been washed for the first time. . .

a few plans for the rest of the week. . . lots of time in the studio, playing with fabrics & threads! (bliss!)

from my picture journal . . .

. . . when I was in junior high (middle school) - I cried over the fact that I had freckles. . . thankfully as I grew up I came to love my freckles. Many years ago, on one of my parents trips - my Mom found this sign & gave it to me. I love this little plaque in all of it's homemade-ness, & it sits on the window sill in my bathroom. . . reminding me to love the way God created me, . . . & reminding me of how much my Mom loved me & cared about how I felt about my freckles. . . These days - I see my hundreds of freckles as a reminder of my Mom's love.

Hope you have day realizing how much you are loved!


Carrie P. said...

Enjoyed reading your daybook today. I don't like being on the computer when it is stormy too. Don't want to take chances. I am a freckled face girl too.

Katie @ Sew Many Mamas said...

Loved your blog, fabrics and quilt designs! Happy to have found you! Tami. www.sewmanymamas.blogspot.com

Katie @ Sew Many Mamas said...

Loved your blog, fabrics and quilt designs! Happy to have found you! www.sewmanymamas.blogspot.com

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Great daybook today Bren. I just sent that saying about freckles to my daughter. She had a time with them when she was growing up too. Thank you.


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