Thursday, August 5, 2010

… Floye's Garden

My original plan was to come home after Spring Market & finish up the patterns for 3 new designs within the following week & get them to the printer so that they would be available by the end of June. . . but after getting that cold/flu at Market, & being on cold medicine for weeks. . . I found that I could not even focus enough to get the patterns finished. So, I had to focus on getting better & now. . . after a bit of a delay I am so happy to say that there are three new designs ready to ship!

The first is Floye's Garden. . . & I must admit, I had so much fun designing & making these. . . for so many reasons. For me, 'Floye's Garden' is a tribute to my Grandma Floye's flower garden that graced the entrance to their farm. The pattern includes instructions for the design to be made as an appliqué quilt (I did the sample one using linen & wool) as well as an embroidery little quilt. . . all dressed up with buttons & scallops. There is even a punchneedle project thrown in. . . just for fun!

All the new patterns are up & available on the website . . . & I'll be back soon with the other two new designs!

Hope you have a wonderful day!



Sewn With Grace said...

Absolutely stunning! I just love it. What a wonderful job you have done. How exciting for you! (and us!)

K Cotton said...

Hi Brenda! I love this option B the wool applique version! You are so talented and amazing!
Me, too, just finishing up the patterns that I was going to finish by end of June because I was sick after spring market.