Tuesday, August 3, 2010

daybook ::27::

for today :: August 3, 2010

outside my window. . .   the morning sunlight is peeking through the oak tree into my bedroom, making the prettiest patterns all over the quilt on my bed. . .

I am thinking. . . of what order to do the errands I'm doing this morning. . .

from the kitchen. . . so far coffee, some scrambled egg-whites w/ sharp cheddar cheese right after I finish my post. . . & butter to put out on the counter for cookie baking later. . .

I am wearing. . .  pink tee & brown shorts . . . (will be changing before errands though!)

I am creating. . .  lots of yo-yo's & some quarter square triangle blocks (not for the same project. . .)

I am remembering. . .  how fast the summer goes by. . . (if I was still teaching - I would have to be back at work this week. . . eek!)

I am reading. . .  'Persuasion'  by Jane Austen 

I am hoping . . .  for my new fabrics to get here quickly!

I am hearing. . .  the birdies. . . especially one who seems to be giving me the 'what for' for letting the bird feeders go empty. (we have to when there is so much rain. . . but I will refill the finch feeder later. . . persistent little buggers!)

around the house. . . wool piled on the breakfast room table. . . all ready for delivery this morning!

I am going. . . to deliver a bunch of wool to a couple of local quilt shops, make the pieced quilt blocks for a new quilt, & start baking some cookies for a friend who is having a ton of folks come into town for a wedding.

one of my favorite things. . .  Clover's yo-yo makers. . . they make yo-yo making so much easier & fun!

a few plans for the rest of the week. . . lots of time in the studio - & getting the website updating done (finally!)

from my picture journal . . .

I'm a softie for baby swans. . .



mascanlon said...

Have a lovely day Bren. The wool from yesterday just looks so yummy, can't wait to see what you've come up with!

pdudgeon said...

ok let's see...
pink T, check
reading "Persuasion", check
finch feeder outside, check
squabbling birds, check!

i got to pick up my latest quilt from the quilter today,(and dropped off another one) so tomorrow will be saved for binding.