Sunday, August 1, 2010

… a bit of wool

I twittered a promise the I would post a photo of the wool I was dying over the last two days. . . so here it is!

This is 27 yards (or 54 half yards - as I dye them) . . .  The bottom few (the brown & red) are some custom colors that I dye for a local quilt shop who has been ordering wool from me since I first started dying wool - about 5 years ago.  . . . & most of the rest is for another local shop. I also dyed 9 yards earlier this week (for an order) - so that makes about 36 yards all together. . . (whew!)

. . . & just so you know - I will be making some special little woolie bundles for the website. . . & for those of you who will be at Fall Quilt Market. . . I will doing Sample Spree & will be bringing wool!

. . . gosh. . . I'd best get busy!

♥ Bren


momto2wasd said...

That's beautiful! The way you've stacked these up is beautiful, too!!

I love wool--I used to hate it before I started knitting with it and discovered that it doesn't have to be scratchy like the wool of my childhood. It's such an amazing fiber.

I might be at Quilt Market, so I will definitely hope to see your wool there!

pdudgeon said...

that wool is gonna fly out so fast you'll think it had wings. your pieces are beautiful!

Laura said...

Wowza! That stack of wool is beautiful!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Beautiful wools, Bren! Delicious!
Thanks for sharing.

Sewn With Grace said...

Oh my goodness those colors are amazing! The range of shades of one color is stunning. I have not worked with much wool and would love to learn what to do with those pretty pastels!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Beautiful!! I won't be at Fall Market so I hope to see right away when you put it on your website.