Tuesday, August 10, 2010

… Stitched in Time

The last of the new quilt design patterns that are ready to ship is 'Stitched in Time'. Just like the others I've posted in the last few days, this one has a couple of options. For 'Stitched in Time' those options are in the size of the quilt as well as type of border style. 

For those of you who like to add a bit of appliqué - there is a simple appliqué border option. . . & for those of you 'piecing only please!' folks. . . a pieced option as well! . . . & honestly, I can't decide which one I like better. . .!

For the appliqué (larger quilt) option, I used my Durham-Anew fabrics, & for the pieced border (smaller quilt) option, I used (again) Kaari Meng's (French General) Lumiére de Noël (Moda). . . can you tell I just love that line?! Both fabric lines are currently available & I will have kits of the Durham-Anew version available on the website by next week.

Well. . . I'm off for today. . . Bailey & I got up before the sun rose - (while it's still a little bit cool!) & went of a good long walk. . .  & now I really need to et to the market. . . my cupboards & fridge are looking pretty sad. . . (with the exception of the supplies needed for making mochas. . . lol!)

Hope you have a great day. . . & I'll be back soon with another sweet little announcement/intro!



Pam said...

Your new patterns are just so beautiful! I really like that you have considered so many options, too :) It so neat to see them worked in different colorways and fabric lines. A few months ago,I purchased one of your Picnic Quilt kits - whew! - It's finally finished & I just love it. I had tons of fabric left over so I made two matching pillows. Woe to anyone that trys to use "my set". Ha - I'm kidding, I get a real kick to see such a pretty quilt being used. Of course, it's not perfect (mitered borders are not my friend) and I had to fudge 'em a little, but I truly do love that quilt! Thanks Bren, for the wonderful quilt and your lovely new patterns.

Sewn With Grace said...

Oh be still my quilting heart!

pdudgeon said...

yep, this is a 'gotta have' pattern for me, and so scrap-friendly! I love both of the borders, so it will be a hard choice to make between them....or i could just make two quilts, LOL
thanks again for a beautiful pattern!