Friday, May 29, 2009

… it's the thought that counts . . .

. . . (or this title could be: 'Bren is an idiot!')

Okay. . . here's how it went. . .

When I got my iPhone a few months ago, I decided that - since one of my goals for the year is to not forget my friend's & family's birthdays (so that I would at least remember to send a card!) - I would enter into my iCal - everyone's birthdays. A good plan - except that when I entered my friend's Nireko's birthday - I must have gotten distracted & I forgot to change the month before adding my friend, Anne Sutton's birthday. So there it went - into the month of May.

S0 when we are making plans for Market & trying to arrange a dinner for an ever growing number of folks. . . I was plugging the dinner into my iPhone & I saw that, hey! we're going to have dinner on Friday & that's Anne's birthday! I had remembered that Anne's birthday was always around Market - so in the midst of juggling Market plans - nothing seemed out of place. I even e-mailed Lynette & dinner grew into a birthday celebration for Anne - with the restaurant making their special red velvet birthday cake & all that goes with it.

So between Lynette & I. . . the word began to spread around Market - that it was Anne's birthday(!). Folks came up to her booth - giving her birthday wishes & all. I must admit, that I was pretty pleased that we would get to do something for Anne. . . I was looking forward to dinner & her getting her cake. . .

. . . That was until she leaned over in the cab - & in the nicest way she could, she whispered, "You know, it isn't my birthday."

My eyes must have popped out of my head & I think I said something very distinguished like, "Whaaa??"

I thought, "Sure it is!. . . My iPhone says so!" But yet, I discovered that, although I would like it to be, & although it's a cool gadget/phone. . . life is not controlled by my iPhone.


Thankfully, Anne was a trooper & went along with it all the way. In fact - as the evening went on - the whole mix up (aka - my big goof-up) got more & more amusing. (But wait. . . what's Anne doing with that knife?!? Good thing she was such a good sport!!!)

As it ends up - I had the right day - but Anne's birthday is actually around FALL Market. . . (oops) - In October - NOT May. (A fact now noted (correctly) on iCal in my iPhone.) We have actually decided that this will now start a new tradition at Market. So, for Fall Market - we will go out to dinner & celebrate everyone's birthday that happens in the spring! This way - we will all get two birthday celebrations! Hopefully this will turn into a happy accident!

Here's a photo (yep, from that same iPhone. Sorry - when the lights are low. . . the photo's go a little fuzzy) - of sweet Lynette Anderson & her charming hubby, Vince. Aren't they cute?! (So, sorry Lynette that I messed up. . .! by 6 months!)

(Funny (odd) . . . most of my people photos were taken at restaurants!)

I only had 2 days at Market this time - so on my last morning Pam, Elizabeth, & I had a lovely breakfast at the Westin. (Sorry Pam. . . my food photo didn't turn out. . . I promise I will learn how to be a better blogger & learn ( & remember) to take photo's of my food!) :o)

If anyone in the restaurant might have been wondering/suspecting perhaps if this was "The" PKM. . . I think that my photo of her. . . relishing that cup of coffee would confirm it. Oh yea. . . that's PKM herself! :o)

And, tucked into the corner - on the other side of the table is Elizabeth & me!. . . (playing with our iPhones.) Turns out Elizabeth is quite the iPhone app queen! Who new?!

So there it is. . . my version of Spring Market. I wasn't there the whole time - so my version is a bit short. I do also have some photos of some of the wonderful quilts that were part of the quilt exhibits - but I am going to save those for some special posts a little later.

Now it's time to get going on new things for Fall Market! It's arriving about 2 weeks earlier this year (in early October this year!). . .

. . . That would still be before Anne's birthday. . .( sigh)

xo, Bren


Jodi Nelson said...

I was hoping someone would explain in detail all about the birthday mix up! THAT is HYSTERICAL !!! I think someone should be randomly picked every market to have a mixed up birthday celebration! I LOVE birthdays! ooxx`jodi

The Quilt Shoppe said...

Hee, hee :) Anne's birthday was one of the best parts of Market! Thanks for filling in the details. It was a ton of fun. And now I have it on my calendar, OCT. 15. You do realize we'll really have to do it up this year :)

Denise said...

Too funny!

PamKittyMorning said...

That is just such a crack up. My fav story at market!

Thimbleanna said...

Ok, that's FUNNY!!! What a wonderful friend you must be to even think to celebrate Anne's birthday -- it is indeed the thought that counts!

Sandy said...

There's my buddy Pam, doing what she loves - drinking coffee!