Tuesday, June 16, 2009

… sorting (& my 'guys')

Things have been busy in so many ways around here. . . some of the everyday busy-ness. . . early morning walks, working in the studio, visiting my Uncle Bill, shipping orders, trips to the market, bank, & post . . . & then there's the delayed spring cleaning that overtakes my senses & I find I can't focus on anything until I get a handle on it.

Last year my studio was moved from one of the extra 'bedrooms' to the family room. (. . . which wasn't getting any use really - & because the family room area is located at the back part of the house layout - it made it a perfect space.) Then I moved my office from a front 'bedroom' to a 'bedroom' that is right off the family room. There was lots of painting (3 rooms total) & the changes felt good.

This year - I'm trying to make the most of the space that I have for studio, office & storage. I'm really trying to weed out the "stuff" I might have but don't really use or need. . . "Simplifying" you might say. It's so easy to accumulate things that are perfectly nice . . . but aren't really needed any longer.

So that's been my "decision - yardstick" . . . Has it been used or needed in the last year or two. . . ? Do I really, really need it? . . . or, is it really just taking up space. . .

Some of the decisions are easy . . . & then there are some things I would really like to toss (like all shipping paraphernalia . . . it takes up so much room!) - but they are actually needed. Then there are some things. . . that seem perfectly good - but just aren't needed any longer.

Furniture fills that bill for me. Take this recliner for instance. It's perfectly nice. Early last year I bought it for my Dad for his birthday, as we had moved his cream leather recliner to his bedroom - so he could have a comfy chair in his room. That left the family room with no recliner for him . . . so it was the perfect gift. We went & shopped & found this micro-suede in a nice neutral color. While shopping for it we applied the 'Bailey factor' - that is - the foot rest had to be one that Bailey could use - as that's his 'spot' on the chair - when he "reclines" with his Grandpa, & this one fit perfectly. . .

That is until Dad really quit hanging out (read: watching TV) in the family room - as he had the perfect new hangout once we moved his leather recliner into his bedroom suite! . . . & then we made the decision to make the family room into my studio. When that happened, there was an older, outdated blue stripe sofa that my parents had had for years, & it was donated right away. I still have an big comfy denim chair (now slip-covered) in the studio, & a wing chair & the new recliner went into a spare bedroom. Now after a year of those chairs getting no use. . . we decided that as a part of the 'clean sweeping' for this spring - the recliner could go.

Thankfully, we have some friends who work at a nearby missionary training & home-base (Wycliff Bible Translators), where missionaries can stay when they come back on furlough to the states. They come with really no furniture & so we love donating whatever we can to them. So this year (so far!) it has been the recliner.

When we got the call that our friend was on his way with his truck to pick up the chair - Dad & I got the it out onto the front porch to wait. As soon as we put it down, Bailey looked a little confused at first. . . but then jumped up & put the chair to it's intended use! The weather was so nice - warm, with a light breeze, so Dad decided to join him & they waited on the front walk like this. (The funny thing was that of the half dozen cars that drove by. . . no one even noticed!)

Wouldn't it be so nice to have an outdoor room . . . complete with recliners?!?

I thought - while I had the chance - that I'd also take a picture of Bailey's new mystery spots (I'm calling them his freckles). While I was at Spring Market this past month - my Dad was also gone (to Minneapolis) & so my friend Nubin house/Bailey sat for me. Bailey just loves Nubin, & so I knew he'd be fine. But oddly enough - when we got back - 1 week later - I found these brown spots on Bailey's back. At first I thought that maybe Nubin had colored her hair & some got on Bailey. . . but no, that wasn't it. Then I thought that maybe he had gotten into something & washed & washed (as did his groomer - note his short ears, part of his summer cut!) . . . but that wasn't it either. So for now - we're thinking it is maybe stress related & when his 'people' suddenly disappeared for a week . . . this is possibly the result of his stress. He is due for some shots - so we are going to have his vet check it out. . . just to be sure. (From this photo - the expression on his face looks like he doesn't want me to point them out!) :o)

So there's my guys. . . buddies, & a constant source of stories & lots of loves.

I love them so!


Jocelynilla said...

They look so comfy outside. I was just thinking today, how cool it would be to have an outdoor office, but then it'd get way too hot...

Vicky said...

Those guys are just too cute out there snoozing on the curb!

Nicole said...

Love to see your guys!

Louise said...

Looks like the perfect spot for a little nap. Like you I am very excited about the arrival of Kaari Meng's new line in October. I am in the process also of purging in my workroom. 35+ years of STUFF!

Wilma said...

if you happen to find out what your vet say the brown spots are please let me know. My jack russell (tasha) has some and they told me it was fleas but she hs none she takes comfortis once a month and we have never seen any on her and it seems to happen during the spring/summer months. When you get finished cleaning out your stuff you are more than welcome to come and do mine.LOL

I love your linen/redwork its beautiful.

Anonymous said...
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