Saturday, June 6, 2009

… we have . . .

. . . little baby grapes!

I had mentioned in my last post that our backyard was not covered in the 'rock' covering that houses have as the landscaping for the front yards here in Southern Arizona. (It's all about the water conservation . . . ) But in our backyard , where you are allowed to do whatever you want - you'd never know that you were in Arizona. Here the ground cover is grass - not rocks. & my Dad . . . being a secret Mr. Green Jeans - has himself a lot of fun, & I'm learning more & more about how to keep a landscape alive & well.

This is about the 4th or fifth year that we have had our little grape vine. The first thing I learned about the grapevine was patience. For the first couple of years there were no grapes. . . just leaves & pretty little tendrils. (But I love those little tendrils - curling around anything & everything!) Then two years ago we got our first taste of our own grapes.

Oh. My. Goodness.(!)

They were, hands down, the best grapes I had ever had. Like little candies. Little, green, sweet, candies. Just thinking about them is making my mouth water a bit!

Last year, we had grapes - but the birds got to them first. Just before they were ready to be picked. Little stinkers. (but honestly. . . I can't blame them!)

So this year we are watching them. . . very carefully, & now, as the grapes are finishing, we have the vine fully covered in mesh.

Sorry birdies.

Our turn.

Today is going to be spent in the studio. Lost of sorting to do. Piles to file. Clearing all surfaces so that new projects can have their space. I actually started the process last weekend - but only got as far as making quite a mess (you know, things will look worse before they look better. . . ) & got as far as making the mess & then I ended up spending most of the week at the hospital where my uncle was taken last Sunday. It was a wonderful time to get to visit with him & get bit of handwork done. He's doing better & is back at "home" (the wonderful care facility where he lives), but then for the last few days, I've spent fighting (or trying to fight) some 'naggy'bug. You know the kind . . . lot's of napping & then you can't get to sleep at night. Sigh. I'm sure that there will be a nap happening today (because of not getting to sleep until after 2 am!). But there will definitely also be some cleaning done! (I have too many ideas floating around in my head & sketchbook & I want to get started!)

And then there will be the daily tour around the backyard - checking water levels. . ., checking what needs to be tended . . . , & then definitely checking how soon we will be enjoying some grapes!


Cathy said...

I noticed the book Pemberley Manor in your "what I'm reading" sidebar. Any good? P&P is one of my favorite books but I've found the sequels written by others to be a mixed bag.

PamKittyMorning said...

We have big water issues as well.We conserve a lot... but still love pretty green yards! We're looking into that new faux grass. There's some in the neighborhood that was laid last year, and it still looks wonderful and REAL. Its very tempting for the backyard where Rocket is allergic to grass and we have a not great patch of bermuda, the only stuff he isn't allergic to.I'd rather spend my water on pretty things. Anyway, ramble ramble I hope you feel better soon. xo

Sherri said...

Those grapes look wonderful...and glad everything is getting back to normal for you!

Carrie said...

Oh no... you didn't get to go to the quilt show either! I kept forgetting to call... thought about texting... but I finally convinced myself that if you were going, you would have called on the way. :)

The grapes look wonderful but I wouldn't have guessed that they were edible! I figured they might be like the pyracantha berries we have. We're waiting on lemons here... maybe soon.

Take good care and I will pester you soon ~ I need a road trip to Tucson or we both need to go somewhere fun for lunch and a visit! The cleaning can wait... :)

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, how fun to be growing your own grapes. I hope your netting works. And that you feel better soon!

Elizabeth said...

Such adorable grapes! Hope you're feeling better soon...I would imagine you've got LOTS of wonderful quilts to get started on!

Vicky said...

That's a mighty fine bunch of grapes you have there! If you're a wine person, don't forget to freeze a couple to drop in your wine glass.

Samantha said...

They are cute little grapes... I bet they are really tasty too!