Monday, November 30, 2009

… a little sewing

This is what I'll be doing this evening! Tonight is the night that our little sewing group will be coming over to work on 'Aunt Millie's Garden' projects. I have two blocks prepped & will finish another tonight. . . & I promise that I will post picks as soon as I get each block done.

I love this time. One - because we meet at my house & it's so nice to have friends over (especially to stitch!), & I love the time spent together stitching, talking, catching up, & sharing. I had missed that - as I've not been a part of a stitching group in quilt awhile. Also. . . it's so nice to work on a project that is not my own! It's tempting to pull out some of my designs to work on, but I've decided that this is my 'me' time. . . & the time that I get to work on the projects that I've been wanting to - but have just been sitting on the shelf. . . (& I have about 3 more waiting!) So, this time has become very precious to me & I feel encouragement & refreshed to get back to my designs & projects.

Speaking of encouragement. . . there is a special person in my life who, because of her encouragement, got me seriously considering taking my designing to the quilt world. . . ( & completely changed everything, as now designing is all I do!) Her name is Jereé McDade (of Quilted Quickies). Jereé has her own quilt shop & design business - & how she does them both. . . I can't fathom! Jereé started a blog a little over a year ago - but then when things got way too busy. . . (again running a shop & designing too!) - the blog was what had to take a back seat. . . BUT!. . .

She's back! (Yea Jereé !) Like I used to have my blog from my iWeb page - Jereé has been doing her's that way too - but like me - she has come to accept that so many PC's don't seem to 'play nice' with anything "Mac" & often refuse to open up the web pages from a Mac - so Jereé is also doing a PC friendly version. So - please be sure to give her a visit!

Here are the links: Mac friendly version: Life & Times of Quilted Quickies
PC friendly version: Quilted Quickies

Well. . . I'd better get myself out the door. . . I have some wool (that I dyed over the weekend) to deliver to a local shop & then I think for most of the rest of the day I'll be at the computer - working in Photoshop . . . on the graphics for a new design I'm working on. . . (& am very excited about!) . . .

. . . & then, of course, there's the girls coming over for stitching tonight. . . (happy sigh!)

xo, Bren


Jennifer said...

Wow! What fun! I love the Aunt Millie pattern...and I can't wait to see pics! Wish I could be there! Have lots of fun! Its cold and blustery here today, so I think I'm going to work on some hand work as well: my Jacob's Coat quilt!

Sherri said...

Oh, have fun's so fun to sew with friends! I'm off to visit your friend's blog!

Quilted Quickies said...

Thanks Bren...I thank you so much and appreciate your kind comments. I knew your name would be up in lights someday! ;-)