Sunday, May 9, 2010

… just one more. . .!

I couldn't help myself . . . I just had to make one more little quilt before Market.. . .

. . . using these. . .

. . . the red tonal fabrics from my new line with Lecien, Durham Quilt Collection - Anew.

I know that I already told you about my  love affair  history with this wonderful line here,  but one of the things that I didn't mention is the new addition to the line that I added  - & that is a colorway that is a red tonal. The reds range from a rich red to the wonderfully soft reds & pinks that give the sun-washed look to the designs. (They also work wonderfully with several of the incredible 'basics' from the Color Basic line & Quilter's Basic line that Lecien has.)

. . . and even though I'm not going do a booth at the upcoming Spring Quilt Market - (but I will be there!) - & I have been keeping very busy making a couple of quilts for the Lecien booth using Durham - Anew,. . . I just couldn't help myself to make just one more - using the red tonal colorway. It's at Nubin's (my quilter) & I got a peek at it yesterday - loaded on her longarm frame. I can hardly wait to see it all finished!

Even though I'm not doing a booth at this Market - that hasn't seemed to change the busy-ness factor around here. (In fact - if you've e-mailed me in the past week or so . . . I promise I will try & get caught up with my in-box within the net few days!) I'm still binding quilts & writing patterns & I even have a couple more ideas for the new Durham - Anew fabrics for the Lecien booth. Good thing there are still eight more days before I leave for Market! . . . heaven knows I will be using them all to get everything done!

I've also had to be pretty creative about getting the binding on my quilts. . . See, even though we've had a wonderful spring (& wonderful spring weather!) . . . the temperatures here in Arizona are heading up into the 90's & I'm determined to not turn on the air-conditioning until I absolutely have to. I'm really trying to work on keeping the utilities expenses down this year & it's become kind of a challenge/contest with myself as to how good I can be. But. . . it's getting quite tempting to turn on the air - when covered in a quilt as I'm binding it . . . & it's in the mid 90's outside! But I've been really good about opening up the windows in the early morning & then closing things up as the temps start to rise & then making sure to tilt the wooden blinds - just s0 - so the late afternoon sun doesn't fill the studio - heating everything up beyond a workable comfort level. But so far. . . it's all worked out (with the help of the overhead fans - of course!) . . . & I'm so pleased that we've made it into May without turning on the air.

. . . Now - today I'll be binding my new quilt  (using Joanna's beautiful 'Fresh Cottons' line - peeks soon!). . . & it's a big 80"x 80" - & it's supposed to get into the mid-90's today. . . so I'm thinking that I may just be turning up the fan just a wee bit!  :o)

Hope you are having a great weekend & for all you Moms out there - 'loves' for you & all you do as 'Mom'. What a blessing our Moms are. . . There should be more than one day to celebrate you!



pdudgeon said...

got a solution for ya! throw your quilt on a table and pull up a chair to do the binding. that way the table takes most of the weight of the quilt and your lap stays cool as a cucumber!
Can't wait to see this new one, those reds are lovely!

Sewn With Grace said...

I've got a crush on the red tonals, especially the floral you are showing. Can't wait to see what you've created. Have a wonderful Sunday, I hope it's not too hot!

The Mayo Family said...

As always a blessing to stop over!
I am so thrilled that your dad is visiting your is this season that these visit/memory making times will one day be very all of you!
Love the "red tones" anxious to see the quilt!
Now...those temps? We put wood in the wood stove the last three days here-Burr! In Wisconsin you never know what it will be!

Nanette Merrill said...

It is going to be beautiful.

Vicky said...

I'm about to pop to get my hands on the yardage. Anxiously awaiting your new patterns using Anew. This fabric is going on my bed!