Wednesday, June 2, 2010

daybook ::20::

for today :: June (already!) 2, 2010

outside my window. . .  a couple little chirpers in the oak tree. . . & it's warming up! (summer's here!)

I am thinking. . . that I really need to make a to-do list (for the month!)

from the kitchen. . .  coffee & my current favorite cereal - Special K Cinnamon Pecan (like a cinnamon roll in a bowl!)

I am wearing. . .  t-shirt & shorts.

I am creating. . . patterns this week . . . must. finish. patterns.

I am remembering. . .  that all walks with Bailey will need to happen right at sunrise - or right after the sunset.

I am reading. . .  A Lineage of Grace  (Francine Rivers) . . . (slowly - the stories have so much to take in!) & Spoken From The Heart  (Laura Bush).

I am hoping . . .  that the cold/flu I got at Market is finally going away (I still don't have my voice back.)

I am hearing. . .  the soft 'whirr' of my overhead fan & the birdies outside.

around the house. . . Quilts still waiting to be unpacked. I got my clothes unpacked the evening I got home. . . but the quilt suitcase just went into the extra room & have been 'camping' in the suitcase while I spent the week in bed. . . I think they would appreciate some air & a good stretch!

I am going. . . to do some serious pattern finishing today.

one of my favorite things. . .  vanilla ice cream when your throat is sore from coughing. . .

a few plans for the rest of the week. . . getting back out into the fresh air, finishing patterns & starting new designs . . . (a wonderful circle!)

from my picture journal . . .
(Matt Cardy - Getty Images)



Samantha said...

I love this photo- you can see the love on mama's face, just snuggling up with her baby...
Hope you are feeling better soon.

Sewn With Grace said...

That is one of the most adorable pictures! So good to hear from you today. I wish you had your voice, hope you feel stronger today!