Friday, June 25, 2010

… of bit of color

While the temps are are making their way up the thermometer around these parts. . . the blooms in both the front & back yards are taking advantage of the sunshine & putting on quite a pretty show. . .!

The backyard is surrounded by a cinderblock wall. . . & for part of the back wall - it reaches about 15 feet, & one of the first things that Dad did was to plant, bougainvilleas, pyracanthas, & what was then - small little cat's claw plants. When the plants began to grow up the walls, Dad ran wire along the wall at different levels for the stems & tendrils to have something to take hold to. . . & boy did they! Now, 10 years later - here is the top of part of the 15 foot wall - with the cat's claw 'water-falling' down from the top. I just love the backdrop it provides for the backyard. You can also see - (in the lower right corner) a bit of the red berries from one of the pyracantha bushes that have also grown quite tall!

Just in time for the Fourth-of-July. . . the pot of blue petunias are putting on a wonderful show!

Just this past week, one of my very favorites - the crepe myrtle tree's blooms are opening. I mentioned a few years ago - how much I liked the blooms of one of the smaller crepe myrtle plants that we had. . . & over the years, Dad has continued to add them to the variety of blooms in the yards. (Isn't he sweet!) At last count, there were 3 in the backyard (1 tree, & 2 bushes) & there is a wonderful large crepe myrtle bush in the front yard. Love them!

. . . & even though they bloomed earlier this spring. . . we are seeing a few of the gladiolas sending up some new blooms!

These sweet little blue flowers are on what was a little bush not too long ago - (in the side yard - outside one of my Dad's bedroom windows) - & now the bush is taller than I am! It's full of these sweet little flowers. . . & is a testament to Dad's green thumb.

These tiny little blue blooms popped up on our rosemary topiary that sits at the corner of the driveway & the walkway to the front door. . . (see them on the top right?)

The rosemary topiary has been there for years. . . starting in a much smaller pot . But not until this past year have a ever seen it's little blue blooms! One of the things that I love about the rosemary is how - when folks come over - they love to brush the palms of their hands over the rosemary & then take a big sniff of their palms & everyone smiles & lets out a big "sigh!" !  :o)

Even the two nandena bushes that sit in their pots at each side of the front door are getting onto the act & are showing their pretty colors!

As for me. . . I'll be spending most of the day indoors. . . I like the sunshine. . . but when the temps are getting into the 100's + . . . I think my time in the yard will be able to be counted in 'moments', & I'll spend the weekend finishing up some pattern writing &, inspired by these pretties from the front & back yard, start on some new 'pretties' of my own!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



pdudgeon said...

your pics take me back to my childhood home. we also grew many of the flowers you've pictured.

ps, if you have mockingbirds around your place, wait until they discover the pyracanthea berries in the Fall. our birds ate so many that they staggered around drunk on them.

Sewn With Grace said...

Your flowers are so pretty. I love to garden and can honestly say that I didn't know Rosemary bloomed. It's just beautiful! I love any blue flower. Have a great weekend!

Nicole said...

What a glorious garden! I knew that rosemary bloomed, but have never seen one trained into a topiary. Beautiful.