Wednesday, November 3, 2010

…back from Market... & a new website!

I am back from Market . . . & outside of having to get a new printer (mine decided to quit working the day before I left for Market. . . yikes!) & shipping all orders. . . I've been doing a lot of napping! Not that I have intended to take naps. . . I just kind of can't help myself. . . zzzzz

On the last day of Quilt Market, I took down my booth & high-tailed it to the airport & flew out that night. It took about 5 hours to get home & it was about 2:30 am (for the time-zone my body was still on) by the time I got home - but it was worth getting to sleep in my own bed. (. . . & now nap in it as well!)

I'll be back with some booth photos  - but I wanted to let you know the big news that Lecien USA has a new website - & it's up & running! The announcement was made at our Schoolhouse at Market & I must say that I love it, & can't wait to see the goodies to come! If you'd like to see the latest from Lecien - be sure to check it out!



Darlene said...

Get lots of rest! I hope you had a very successful market. I'm anxious to see the new website.

Unknown said...

It was so good to see you at market, Brenda! And your new fabric line is just gorgeous.

Samantha said...

I stopped by your booth after I took down my booth- but you were long gone! Lots of sleep to catch up on here, too. I am going to hop over to the new Lecien website right now to check it out.