Monday, November 22, 2010

daybook ::33::

 . . . my holiday seasons obsession. . . the candy cane tootsie pops!. . . yum!

for today :: Nevember 22, 2010

outside my window. . .   a cool, cloudy, crisp autumn morning. (We're actually going to have fall weather for Thanksgiving!. . . I even need to wear a sweater!. . . I love it when this happens!)

I am thinking. . . about dying the last of my wool. . . to make available on the website. . .

from the kitchen. . . coffee. . . so far. May even go so far as to make pancakes this morning. . . need to check for the ingredients. . .

I am wearing. . . (. . .I'm still in my jammies!).

I am creating. . .  fabric bundles for the website. 

I am remembering. . .  all the ideas I had for new designs before Market. . . now it's time to get started on a couple of them. (!)

I am reading. . .    'Decision Points' - by George W. Bush. . . (When it comes to the security of America, I  will never second guess those with so much information to make the big decisions. . .)

I am hoping . . .  to get the website updated in the next two days.

I am hearing. . .  Steven Curtis Chapman. . . (a holiday cd. . . I admit it! . . . I've already started listening to holiday tunes. . . I just can't help myself.)

around the house. . .  I'm finishing up the clean sweep that happens when I get back from Market..

I am going. . .  to run a couple of errands. Then it's home to the studio & stitch.

one of my favorite things. . .  the way we focus on 'home' & family' during this holiday season. . .

a few plans for the rest of the week. . . updating the website. . . walks (after not going out for a good walk for the past week - due to a crummy cold!), & counting my blessings. . .

from my picture journal . . .
 . . . another sign from the Pizza & Cookie Cabin up at Summerhaven,  on the top of Mt. Lemmon (where I love to go!. . . 9000 ft only 45 minutes away!. . . like being in Colorado. . .)

Hope you have a wonderful week, & don't forget to count your blessings!


gmp said...

Candycane Tootsie Pops? Really? I never saw them! I am going to the grocery store to check that out right now!

Wendy said...

What a fun post! Thank you for sharing :) I also have not seen the Candy Cane Tootsie Pops, though in my case, probably a good thing :) I hope your day went as planned and good luck with your week!! Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy home and family!

Vicky said...

I'm reading Decision Points, too. I realized how happy I am that I don't know everything!