Thursday, December 6, 2012

… there always a little time. . .

This last weekend I have been in Minneapolis 
for my niece's wedding.

It was a beautiful wedding.
I will post a couple of photos this weekend.
I planned to take a bunch of photos - but I was too involved with other things 
& I only pulled out my iPhone a couple of times. 
(bad blogger...)

The trip was too fast. 
Usually when I go to visit, I stay for at least a week,
 & there is time to putter around.
Not so - when there is all the wedding dinners, rehearsals, 
& running around that a necessity when you are on the brides side.
(Also, I was traveling with Dad this time - & I was the 'driver'.)

But. . .
There is one place that I must go to when I go to the Twin Cities - 
& this time I made sure to make the time to go to one of my favorite quilt shops,

Eagle Creek Quilt Shop is in a little town southwest of Minneapolis,
& it is worth the trip!
It is in an old train station & has incredible atmosphere. 
In fact, this time my sister-in-law (the mother-of-the-bride) came with me 
(she needed an 'escape' after the wedding weekend!)
& for the first time - a train came through. . .
. . . & it whizzes right next to the station/quilt shop!

I pulled out my iPhone & tried to get a decent photo.

Can you see it?. . . right outside the window!
(Trust me - we could also 'feel' it!)

I picked up some plaid wool (I always do!),
 & some green prints for a project I'm working on.
(I never leave there without something!)

The photos at the top of the post are of a couple of the hydrangea plants that are along the path from the parking area to the front door of the shop.
I just loved the way they have 'dried' & are preserved right on the bush.

It was so fun to get to be where there is already some real winter weather happening.
(. . . which means that, yes, I did need my mittens a couple of mornings, & I even had to scrape the car windshield & windows one morning!)
But - I must admit, it was nice coming home to some milder temps.
(Sometimes, I do feel spoiled living here in Arizona.)

Hope you are enjoying the beginnings of this incredible season 
of celebrations!


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Sherrill said...

I, too, loved that shop even tho I've only visited once! Didn't realize the train came so close (but we have that here near some shops/restaurants that I frequent). I would NOT have liked the winter/cold weather..not looking forward to our cold snap coming in a few days.