Sunday, December 16, 2012

… a final one. . .

I've had these photos ready for several days. . .
. . . but after the Friday's news, 
it just didn't fell right to post about new fabrics.
There were other things (way more important things)
that took over my head & my heart.

My prayers are with the families of Sandy Hook.
It feels as though words fail, but I know that there is great power in prayer,
. . . & so I will continue to lift them up in prayer
for the promised "peace that passes understanding".

It is also a reminder to shower those around us with love,
& to celebrate the blessings that we often overlook day-by-day.
I am striving to look around me & to see & celebrate the
blessings that have been laid before me.

One of those blessings, in the past few years
has been to have the opportunity to design fabrics.
It was a dream - when I first started designing quilts,
& it felt like a dream when I saw my first line come to fruition.

The photos above are of my upcoming line,
Durham Collection Anew (2102).
It should be in shops around February/March.

(also, just so you know, the colors in thee photos are more true to the actual colors 
than the scanned promotional images that I've seen on the internet. . . 
just in case it matters to you.)

I've been enjoying folding & refolding my pieces, 
& I've placed my order for bolts of some of my favorites.
(I wanted a bolt of each one - but I've no room!)

For this Durham Collection Anew, I've added a warm vintage tan colorway,
. . . & I'm thinking that I will be making a quilt entirely from this colorway.
I just love it.

I'm thinking of making quilts for my 'farmhouse collection'  series
from this line that would be the kind of quilts that
would be at home on any porch swing.

This line will also be my last fabric line for awhile.
I've decided to not continue in designing fabrics for a bit,
so that I can focus more on creating designs for quilts & needlework, 
as well as some other things that are currently on the back burner.
Lecien is doing some re-organizing & although I have talked with 
a couple of other fabric manufactures, I just feel it's time to take a break.
(I definitely will though - continue to work on new designs for my portfolio. . .
. . . designs that can be used for fabrics & other things.)

I've really enjoyed having the opportunity to design & work with fabrics that 
are a part of who I am. . .
I hope that you have enjoyed it as well.

I have a very limited amount of sample fabrics,
 & I've taken part of them & made a very limited number of bundles.
There are a couple of fat-quarter bundles, & also some fat-eighth bundles 
if you would like a little head start on a project using these fabrics.

I also want to thank so many of you, who have been so supportive of my
fabric designing. To know that some of you have actually 'collected' them is
beyond my comprehension, & it has given me such joy.
Thank you.

So, as I enter this week, I do so with a humble heart,
& one that will continue to look for the blessings that
I have been given.

Please know, that you are one of them.



tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Obrigada.Minhas orações e bençãos para estas familias.E as outras crianças que estão traumatizadas com o ocorrido.Nas mãos de DEUS eu coloco suas vidas e em minhas orações peço para que os pais tenham em Deus a fé para continuar...Que você tenha um Natal Feliz com seus familiares e amigos.Beijos.fique bem.

Jacqueline said...

I am sure whatever you choose to do it will be spectacular..

Love your fabrics..

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

little acorns said...

tubilinha tiacarminha thank you for your lovely comment. For everyone else, I ran it through my online translator & here is what tubilinha tiacarminha said:

Obrigada.Minhas conjuncts and blessings for these families. E the other children who are traumatizadas with the occurrence. At the hands of GOD I place its lives and in my conjuncts I ask for so that the parents have in God the faith to continue… That you he has a Happy Christmas with its familiar ones and friends. Beijos.fique well.

xo, Bren

donna said...

I am so HAPPY I got Farm Hill today. I just need to load into my shop. It is just beautiful.

Vicky said...

Bren, while sad that you won't be doing new fabric lines (for just a little while, I hope!) I wish you all the best. I've long been a great fan! Your pattern and stitchery designs are wonderful, and I will look forward to all of your new ones! Merry Christmas to you, Dad and Bailey!!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Love your new line, Bren. I can't wait to see what you have planned for them.

Merry Christmas to you and yours,

Karee said...

Oh my goodness. I love your new line. I know some quilters are all up in the bold, bright, mod; but I love soft, tender looking fabric. Must we wait until Feb?