Saturday, December 29, 2012

... windmills quilt

I thought I'd show you the quilt that I made 
for my niece, Nicole, & her groom. Eric.

It's the medium size of my 'windmills' quilt (from the 'farmhouse collection').
I had such fun making this quilt. 
I've included photos of the different 'windmill' blocks (that are coordinated),
& then also a photo of the center block - that I call 
the 'Amish block' - or the humility block,
where each of the 'blades' of the windmill are from each of the other blocks.
. . . Just to remind the young couple that even though things may not always
be perfect. . . they are still a part of the whole & have their own beauty.
It also is a reminder that no one is perfect - except God.
The pastor that oversaw at their wedding ceremony, 
gave a wonderful talk about this,
& so it had great meaning to them when I explained it to them.
(. . . I just love it when that happens!. . . Thanks God!)

The quilt is what I call 'snuggle size' 
- perfect to snuggle under for a nap -
 or to snuggle together to watch a movie on a snowy day 
(Like what they have been having!)

The last photo is of my block one for the 'Beyond the Cherry Trees' quilt.
The blocks were offered as a free download each month a couple of years ago,
& I was good about downloading them. . .
. . . just never good about starting them.
I'm thankful for that now - as I've been seeing some of the finished versions,
& I've fallen in love with one that uses mostly French General fabrics.
So, it inspired me, & that's what I'm doing (heaven know I have enough of them!).
I'll post them as I get them done. . . (this one is going to take awhile though - as there are 25 blocks & appliqué borders as well!
But I've been loving getting to sit & work on something that is wonderfully vintage 
& it's the perfect mix of being 'Baltimore-y' & 'primitive-y' at the same time.

I hope you are enjoying these wonderful days. . . between Christmas & New Year,
they feel wonderfully quiet & the perfect time to reflect & plan,
& to simply enjoy the days. I know I am!


(p.s. I'm working really hard at getting the PDF patterns ready & uploaded
to the website. . . it will be soon!!!)


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Oh, my, Bren!
Another one of your quilts for me to faint over. I love it and all the gorgeous fabrics you chose, too.
Happy New Year.

Carrie P. said...

beautiful quilt. love the colors you used for the squares.
very nice block too.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

What a special gift with special meaning!
Beyond the Cherry Trees is going to be so fun to watch you make. Wish I was ready to take on such a challenge.

Louise said...

I too have all of the BTCT blocks downloaded. I have started with the same block as yourself with it being 3/4 done. I have been able to view a friend's which is completed, marked and basted already for quilting. She is definitely a girl to get things done! This will be my resolution and project for 2013. Love the windmill quilt. Happy New Year to you and your Dad.

Sewn With Grace said...

Absolutely stunning! I love your choice of colors. Have a wonderful New Years's!