Monday, December 31, 2012

… little things that make us happy. . .

I was going to look for a cute little 'New Years' graphic to post. . .
but then I realized that this was as cute as it gets (for me at least!)

This is Bailey 'in action' with his new toys (from his Christmas stocking).
I was stitching, & Bailey was on the floor gnawing on his toys,
when he took a little break & sat up & just looked at me.
(. . . with his 'fluff beard-y thing going on. . .)
I just laughed & thankfully had my phone right next to me.
He was a very good boy & did his 'stay' command very well. . .
& when I rounded to the other side of him. . .
there was Mr. Moosie. . . or what's left of him. . .
But that's okay. . .
Bailey likes his 'babies' flat.
. . . & actually this was a record-breaker!
 Mr. Moosie lasted 6 days!
(the previous record was 36 hours.)

For me, I've prepped block #2 for Beyond the Cherry Trees.
. . . so you know what I'll be doing as we celebrate the new year!

Bailey & I hope that as you reflect on this past year & look toward the new year,
you are filled with hope for the promise of what is to come!



Brynwood Needleworks said...

Happy New Year, Bren. You and Bailey have been a constant source for smiles, and you have given me so much inspiration this past year.

I wish you all the love and happiness possible in 2013.

Blessings always,

Darlene said...

Happy New Year, Brenda!

Vicky said...

Happy New Year! Bailey is adorable! Gotta love a puppy who loves flat toys!! Wishing you, Dad and Bailey a wonderful year filled with joy, health and happiness!

Louise said...

Okay now I am getting the urge to dig out my BTCT and get stitching! I chuckled out loud at Bailey, so cute he is!