Wednesday, May 15, 2013

… a finish. . . & a start. . .

A first for me. . .
My first counted thread design.

I took the last stitches in 'By My Hand'. . . & I had to smile at how backwards I worked with this design that had been spinning around in my head for several years.

Based on my love of samplers, I first used my sketches for the design as the inspiration for the (appliqué) quilt pattern, & then for the embroidery version. . .

. . . & now. . . finally. . . I have stitched the actual sampler!
It is the first of several designs that I am working on for the Fall Needlework Market.
(. . . so yes!. . . it will be charted & a pattern will be available later this summer!)

While a was putting in the last section of stitches in this design,
 my mind was spinning with ideas for some new designs. . .
. . . what a fun journey this is!

For those who have been asking. . . yes, I am still designing quilts! In fact, I have two new designs waiting to be quilted, & one pattern due back from the printers at the beginning of next week.
My goal is to have that design ready for PDF download over the weekend as well. . .
. . . so no worries. . . I still love quilts & designing them!!!
What I am taking a little break from - is designing fabric. I do plan to do it again, when the time is right.

Hoping you have a wonderful week, filled with some great finishes. . . & some fun exciting new 'starts'!


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Lynn S said...

Hi Brenda,
Your work and designs are so very beautiful! Once you made a special block for a group quilt for a cancer quilt. Is there anyway you can chart up this design? I have never forgotten how lovely that block was--it is one of the prettiest ones I have ever seen,