Saturday, May 18, 2013

. . . gatehouse gardens

There have been several quilt designs that I have had requests (over & over) for different sizes. So, every one in a while, I'm going to be re-doing some of my most popular patterns - including the original design & some additional sizes & styles using the same design.

First up, is my design that was called 'Gatehouse'.

The original is the yellow version. It was done, using One of my favorite Moda lines, 'Faded Memories'. It measures 48" x 48" (& embarrassingly enough, when re- writing the pattern. . . I discovered that on the original pattern, the overall size of the quilt was 6" too large, & that there was a boo-boo in the original directions, for the border measurements... (!) We never caught it & were never made aware of it for all the years it's been out there (more than six years!), & even though I saw lots of photos of it made, no-one mentioned the mistake. (... until this past week or so, someone email a question about it & wondered if she had made an error...) I feel so bad!!! Be assured that these directions have been combed over thoroughly at least half a dozen times. (Sigh.) 

Anyway, instead of going larger for the alternate designs, I went a little smaller... & then smaller still. The next option, is a bit smaller than the original 36” x 36”, & is done with wool appliqué. Wool on flannel. (Oh how fun that was!) I used wool from my stash & then I used flannels from the Primitive Gatherings line for the background & for the piecing of the churn-dashes. It is a great size for a wall hanging, or for a table topper, & could be used year round.

The smallest version is the embroidery version... (you knew that I would have to do a stitchery version!) it is 27” x 27”, & if ever you wanted to do a mini size of a quilt... This is a fun one to do! With the stitchery (that goes by so much more quickly than you'd ever think!), the details of this little design have become one of my favorites. I'm currently using mine as a table topper (for spring), & I know that it will go into my office after that. (I don't have big wall space in my office - so I need to use smaller quilts.). 

I love this 'littlest' version so much, I've put together a limited number of kits. It uses one of my (favorite) paisley prints from my first Durham Anew Collection, & the kit also includes the background fabric, floss & a printed pattern. You can find them here if you would like a great spring/summer stitchery project... or even for that 'make it someday' stash!) 

Oh yeah. . . There is also available as a PDF download-able version of 'Gatehouse Gardens' as well. (How could I forget that?!?)

So. . .  there's the latest pattern release... for now at least! (& yes... there are still two new designs that need to be quilted yet, so they will be out sometime this summer.) 
(For you shop owners, please know that it will be about a month before the distributors receive the pattern... So if you would like to get yours sooner... please contact us, & we will be sure to get some to you!)

Hope you have a great week!



Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

That flannel and wool version is just scrumptious Bren~

Brynwood Needleworks said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Going shopping now. ;-)

Vicky said...

I think I have to have the embroidery version. Your designs are gorgeous! xo

Sewn With Grace said...

Just stunning! You are so talented!