Friday, May 24, 2013

... blooming yard


The other day, I was feeling a bit of dread at our temperatures rising from the wonderful spring temps that we've had... to temps rising into the 90's.  Then, as I was leaving the market the other morning, & hearing others at the Starbucks (right inside the market doors) talking about how soon it might hit 100 degrees (what we refer to as the "icebreak" here), I felt a little wave of dread for a brief second.  Then, as I exited the market doors, I looked out to the paring lot that is filled with blossoming trees, & I realized how  really lovely it is here, & how much I love lining here.

Then I went home & as I was putting my groceries away, I turned on the tv, to catch up on what was going on, & getting ready to send the rest of the morning working in the studio. The channel happened to be on CNN, & I was drawn into the stories of the survivors of the tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma. Suddenly I was struck at how small & silly my dreading our temperatures getting hotter was. I looked outside & was drawn to all the beauty that as happening just outside my windows & took a good amount of time going outside to my backyard to appreciate what surrounds me & yet so often I take for granted.

I love all these blooms... & each one has some special meaning to me. It's just the start of the blossoms that will be happening in our yard this summer... & I plan to take the time & to look at them in a whole new way. 

It's good to have our eyes opened now & again...
(& my prayers & thought continue to be with all the victims of the tornado...)

xo, Bren


mascanlon said...

So pretty, in SoCa we don't get the same temperature spike except for a day here and there. My deck and yard are over flowing with blooms and sweet scents. I too am very thankful. Have a lovely weekend!

Louise said...

Your words conveyed my daughter's exactly. Kristen lives in Surprise and the day after the worst of the tornado hit called me and told me she would never again complain about the AZ. heat..we have so much to be thankful for each and every day, my husband and I pray about that all the time..bless our heroes who paid a huge price for our husband and I just finished watching Band of Brothers for the umpteenth time!

Vicky said...

Your flowers are beautiful! Thank you for expressing what was in my heart!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Bren (and Bailey):
Your flowers are so gorgeous! I know that we all dread the hot weather (Florida is full-steam into summer already!), but spring sure brings crazy weather to other parts of the country. Where you are will get hot, but you don't have the 'humidity' right? lol
Have a great week.
Tag and I are sending hugs.