Thursday, March 14, 2019

Finnegan - blossom & sprout ::

The next two Finnegan color ways I wanted to give you closer peeks of are 
Blossom (pink) & Sprout (lt. green). Looking at these makes it feel like you've walked into a spring garden!

I love being surrounded by a soft green... this is such a calming color for me... (I think that's why it's pretty much in every collection I design!) For Finnegan - I'm calling the light green colorway 'sprout'. When I was working in the interior design field - I remember learning that green is actually the most predominant color that we are surrounded by. Also, while some people claim they don't care for green & they don't want it (at all) in their interiors... once it was pointed out that then it would mean that there would be no plants or flowers... & in most cases they would need to have block out curtains (trees, grass plants outside!) ... most every one admitted that why yes!... they actually do like green & want it somewhere in their interiors.  It was always fun when those kind of statements were made - & I have to admit that I enjoyed the process of what I would call 'leading them down the green path'.(!)

The blossom colorway  in Finnegan is a little smaller this time as the pink hue is already on most of the floral prints - regardless of the background. This way - the blossom color is scattered all through the collection - with a few blossom coordinates to accent all the pretty flowers & buds.

Tomorrow I will be back with two more Finnegan color ways... 
(& one of them is a new colorway!)

Hope you're enjoying these Finnegan peeks as much as I am!

xo,  Bren

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Robbienae said...

Your greens are very lovely. I remember growing up during the 70's when all our mothers and grandmothers were decorating with avacado green and celery green and it was everywhere! I bought homes where every room was a dingy celery green with antique white trim. I think that is why I love blue so much because it was different. Although, I do realize that green plays so well with many colors. All of your fabrics are so pretty and I am anxious to get some yardage of every color.