Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Finnegan - linen whites ::

I don't know if you are aware... but a soft white - or what I call 'linen white' is a staple of all of my fabric collections.  It's kind-of like a signature color for me.

I love whites. When I taught art & design - I loved the color theory lessons. It was so fun to introduce students to all the elements & nuances of color and it's relationship with light. One of my favorite aspects of color theory is it's relationship to light, & how it changes & affects color. I think that's why I like white so much... In color theory white represents light & is "the presence of all color".  (I'm going to stop myself there - because I could go on for a very long time with all the amazing facets of color theory...)  But - because I love so many colors... when someone asks me what my 'favorite' color is... I like to say "white!"... because white actually includes all the colors. (!)

Also, I love a soft white... (no surprise there, huh?) and so I use it quite a bit. The soft white that is in each of my collections (that I call 'linen white') is actually from Moda's Bella Solids - Off White (9900-200). I use it all the time & I actually have bolts (& bolts) of it in my studio at all times.

So, the first colorway for Finnegan I'm sharing is the 'linen white' color.
Fresh, clear, clean... There's just something about linen whites!

xo, Bren

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