Sunday, March 17, 2019

Finnegan - pebble & sky ::

I'm back with the final two colorways for Finnegan!

First is the 'pebble' colorway. This colorway is becoming a semi-regular in my collections - as I love the grounding it brings. I also love the grey-taupe-linen hue it has. For me it's not too light, not too dark,... it's just right. I first used this colorway with Ambleside my first collection for Moda, & I remember a shop owner coming up to me at that Quilt Market telling me they had ordered the entire collection... & that I, "should always include this colorway!". While it hasn't been in every collection,  it is one of my favorites. (I know... the girl with all the soft colors... & the pebble colorway is one of  my favorites!) In past collections - I've mostly used it as an accent color - but I've always wanted to use it as a background & so for Finnegan - I have a very fun design that uses the 'pebble' colorway for the background!...I can't wait to show you (soon!).

So... if the 'pebble' colorway brings a 'grounding' to the collection - then the perfect compliment to that would be the 'sky' colorway. Once again - I've included a soft blue with just a hint of aqua in it.


I just love the fresh feel this colorway brings to the collection. If you've ever looked closely - I like to use this color in the tiny little accent flowers of many of my floral designs. I just love the way the 'sky' colorway brings a little bit of sparkle... & a breath of fresh air.

So there are the colorways of my Finnegan collection! I hope you will enjoy them! As a reminder, Finnegan is scheduled to arrive in shops around the end of August 2019, but it is being shown to quilt shops as you read this... & so if you want it in your quilt shop... let them know!  Just in case, we will be adding some pre-order options to the website this next week, so if you would like to check those out - be sure to visit the website in the next week or so! (** A little sneak 'heads-up'... there will also be a couple of kits for a couple of the Finnegan quilts available for pre-order too!)

Speaking of new quilts... I do have some new designs I am making with my Finnegan collection - & I will be posting those this next week... Hope you can come back to see!

xo, Bren

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