Wednesday, June 9, 2010

… a little bit of this & that. . .

Have you ever had days. . . (or even weeks!). . . where there has not been much that you felt was 'blog-worthy'? . . . Well, that's been me since I returned from Market. 

I had all the intentions of taking a bunch of wonderful photos for you from Market - as I didn't have a booth - & was able to walk around. . . but the cold/flu that hit me on the first day has really been a doozey & I ended up not even walking the entire Market floor, & me sneaking out to my car to 'nap' between appointments. So, I apologize - as I came home with really no decent photos of Market. Thankfully, I know that there are bunches of photos of Spring Market on bunches of blogs out there . . . & then there is always Fall Market! I just got my contract for Fall Market (whew!. . . they are on-the-ball!) & will be doing a booth. . . along with my next line for Lecien. . . (& this one is very. . . very special to me , I can hardly wait to show you!).

So, needless to say, I came home one sick puppy & spent more time sick in bed than I have in the past decade. I usually get antsy after having to stay in bed after a day or two. . . but with this cold - I have spent more time sleeping & waking up only long enough to try & start a project . . . just to need a nap. . . again.

Overall, the days have felt pretty quiet. . . with the exception of an evening spent with my Dad in the emergency room. I got a call last Saturday & my Dad had fallen at our local market. Poor guy, he had just wanted some ice cream & he stepped on a grape that someone had dropped at the end of the freezer section aisles. Thankfully everyone knows Dad there - as he goes to the Starbucks within the market pretty much every day, & they took such good care of him. But, when he fell, he landed (hard) on his hip & it was giving him a lot of pain. So, when I got the call (& had to quickly get out of my half-pj's outfit I've been sporting at home lately. . !)  - I picked him up & off we went to the local ER. After all the x-rays  - the doctor let us know that thankfully, they all came back negative. (They were even surprised!) He could then get a nice dose of pain meds & five hours later, we thankfully came back home. (By-the-way . . . I did stop by the market on the way home - to get my Dad his ice cream. He sooo deserved it after all that he went through!) He had a couple of days with a sore hip - but is doing pretty good! At the suggestion of the nurse, I am still trying to convince him to think about getting a walking stick to use until his hip feels all better . . . Hmmm. . .  that one is taking a bit of doing. . .  no success just yet.

On the pattern front - my plan was to have my new patterns all ready mid-June, but I have honestly not been able to sit & focus long enough to get any of them finished. Plus, with all the cold medicine in my system, I really didn't trust my ability to write anything clearly!  For the past couple of days, I've felt better & so I've made a bit of progress. . . but the new designs should now be ready around the end of June / beginning of July. So sorry for the delay!

See the cute little pincushions? . . . I got these at my local quilt shop. Nancy, the owner carries several handmade items (including vintage quilts!) on consignment. . . & I couldn't resist these. (I've also purchased a vintage quilt or two in the past. . . ) This quilt shop is where I took my first classes. . . & so I consider it my 'home' quilt shop. I remember when it first opened & it has been fun to see it come into it's own. What I love about this shop is that Nancy's goal for it is not to be a shop that is so concerned with quilting 'fads' - but with teaching people all about quilting. She knows what her customers like & amazes me with her ability to know what to buy. It honestly overwhelms me! (I so admire all you shop owners!)

I tell you all about this sweet little shop. . . because I have started working there a day or two each week! (I'm now an official 'shop girl'!)  After only working from my home for the past 2 years, I had been feeling like I was losing touch with seeing others & so working at the shop has been perfect. . . & I'm loving it. In fact, I'd best close out this (chatty) post as I'm 'working' at the shop today. (Honestly - it hardly feels like work - it's such a joy!)

So, there's my little bits of what's been happening here. . . Sorry for the rambling. . . kinda like my days lately!

Hope you have a wonderful day!



Louise said...

Please don't ever feel like you need to apologize for not posting photos of market. There are enough out there and besides your post today was quite newsy although your Dad's fall. I did that last summer out in our garage while we were cleaning it. Right down on my hip among other body parts. I was sure it broke of dented or something ..I too was lucky. Just take good care of your self and your Dad..I hope you bought him his favorite flavor..Enjoy your new job!

Quilted Quickies said...

Sorry to hear you were sick at Market...WHAT A DRAG!!! Can't even imagine what that must have been like. Hope you are having fun at Nancy's...I gotta get in there...haven't been there in a while. Hope your Dad is doing better...stupid grape!! Kisses to Bailey from Gidget.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Bren:
Sorry to hear you're still under the weather. I hope you feel 100% very soon. I hope your dad feels better soon, too. Slippery falls have got to be the worst!
I can't wait to see your new fabric line! (tapping foot now. tick....tock...) lol

MahQuilter said...

Hi Bren,

so glad Dad is doing better and so are you. I can't wait to see the new fabric line. I didn't get a chance to get any of your lines at Market as I was also sick and stayed away from as many customers as I could so I wouldn't spread it. Hope to see you real soon and cooler weather (here).......Mah

Ina said...

Does this mean Bailey gets to become the quilt store mascot?? Come on, every quilt store should have one! ;0

Samantha said...

Really glad your dad is OK, and glad you are feeling better. It is really hard to be sick in bed when you have lists in your head of everything that "should" get done. Take it easy, it will all get done "somehow".
(PS I'm glad you are doing a booth in the fall.)