Sunday, November 8, 2009

… spreading a little hope

I just had to let you in on this wonderful opportunity.

Sweet Camille (Thimble Blossoms) has a wonderful post about an adorable family. . . with adorable children , Benson & Claire, who both are in need of transplants, & are living on hope. . .

. . . & you can help give that hope!

Camille is having an auction for one of her favorite quilts, 'Wild Thing', & all the proceeds will go help the family with the alarming transplant costs. There is also info on a silent auction that is going on to raise funds, as well as info on the non-profit organization that is helping them raise funds so that, even of you can't bid on the quilt, if you you would like to. . . you can donate whatever amount you can. (click here for the blog post.)

After all. . . it's all about hope. . .

. . . & it's all about us doing whatever we can. (& don't forget the 'little acorns' philosophy. . . "from little acorns - mighty oaks grow!") - So no matter how small it might be that we think we can do. . . it can add up to so much more than we could ever imagine!

Thanks Camille for your giving heart - & for giving us the opportunity to share.

xo, Bren

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Camille said...

Oh Bren, you are so sweet! Thank you for mentioning this on your blog- I'm sure it will help their sweet little family.

You know, you are definitely one of the good ones. :-)