Sunday, November 1, 2009

… a little bit of. . . therapy

At least. . . that's what it feels like for me!

Every year, right after Fall Quilt Market, I treat myself to doing a project that is not one of my own designs. . . & I most admit. . . it feels wonderful!!!

Don't get me wrong - I love what I do! Designing quilts, needlework, & now fabrics is a joy - but there are times I just itch to be working on a project that I didn't have to write the instructions for. It's like therapy for me. Soothing even.

Last year, I made a few stitchery projects. First I made 'Heart of the Home' by Meg Hawkey (Crabapple Hill Studio), & then I stitched 'Summer Reign', by Kathy Schmitz. I loved making them both. . . (I was surprised & how quickly they came together!) . . . so this year - I knew that I would jump in with great anticipation . . . & I did!

Although I've been working on a very special new little quilt this past week (peeks soon), I also spent a lot of my time (as often as I could!) stitching on a wonderful project. This is just as I was finishing (I saved the big acorn for last!) 'Harvest Home' by Kathy Schmitz . . . I just couldn't resist this one. . . (look at all the sweet little acorns!)

. . . And, here it is - a moment after I took the last stitch.

I was almost sad to be done! . . . (although I still have the borders & finishing to do. . .)

. . . but then all I had to do was look through my new pile of patterns that I got from Kathy at Market. . . & sure enough - my smile came right back.

There's just nothing like stitchery . . . to help me think, to sort through all my thoughts & ideas, & just to relax. . .

. . . Yep. . . the best kind of 'therapy' I know of!

xo, Bren


Unknown said...

It's beautiful! I love that you used brown :)

Sherri said...

Yes, it is gorgeous! I always wondered how often designers sew patterns other than their own!

Darlene said...

There's nothing like a wonderful stitchery project to calm your thoughts! It's lovely!

Unknown said...

It is just beautiful! You are so right about stichery being great therapy. I just love hand work and find it very relaxing.

SewLindaAnn said...

Nice work on the stitchery. I'm working on Kathy's Ring in New Year set and just bought the Spring Home, who loves a garden and a sampler. I might have to add harvest home to my collection!

Samantha said...

I agree- it's so nice to do a project when someone else has already done all of the planning and "work" for you.... and it's really nice to do a stitchery that calls for just one color of thread- definitely a "no-brainer"- just fun.

Vicky said...

I love Kathy's patterns. I just need to get up the nerve to actually make one. Is doing stitchery like riding a bike? It's been years and years!

QuiltSoup said...

Tat is exactly why I am crocheting! Your project is wonderful.