Monday, July 26, 2010

… a bit of lunch

This past weekend & got to have lunch with some of my favorite folks. . . my cousins! Two of my cousins had driven out from Oklahoma & Texas & so all (almost) of the 'local' cousins (& a couple of  'spouse cousins') from Arizona met up at a Cracker Barrel (where I hadn't been in years!!) & honestly could have stayed & visited all afternoon.

One of the sweet waitresses took a group photo for one aunt that couldn't be there. She's my aunt Trudy. . . the last of  the ten kids in my Mom's family. . . & I snapped my own photo for my memory book.  I feel so blessed to be a part of this family. One of the things that has hit all of us  (especially when we see photos like this!) is when in the world did we become the adults (some with grandkids!) instead of the little ones running around at family reunions. . .? Whew! We have said good-bye to most of our aunts & uncles & parents & so the remaining of their generation have become very special to us. We were blessed to have my Aunt Winnie & my Dad (seated  on the left side of the bench) & we remember one of my aunts (who is now in heaven) words to us that it is now up to us to get everyone together. . . how true. In the spirit of that - we do take every opportunity we can to get together, & we girls are planning to have a retreat every year or so. . . just to be sure. I can hardly wait!

Well, I'm off. . . busy day today. New things coming this week! Say 'tuned'!

Hope you have a great Monday!



Nicole said...

I discovered Cracker Barrel on a trip to Michigan last May. We met up with family there as well, and had such a great time. I love their rocking chairs!

luvtoquilt said...

We just returned from a big family reunion with my husband's side of the family in Iowa -- lots of fun memories. That's a great picture -- which one are you?