Wednesday, July 14, 2010

. . . it's a sale!

This last week, I spent four days doing a major clean. . . a purge really. I went through every shelf, closet, drawer, & cubby in the guest/extra room (or what I was lovingly calling the 'dumping' room), my office & my studio. I looked through 2 years worth of magazines to pull only the pages that had something on them that really inspired me & I wanted to keep. An almost 3 foot pile of magazines reduced to little less than 1" of pages - which will now go into one of my new fabric covered notebooks. I even went through every file in my office (4 file drawers full!) & I ended up with 3 full kitchen size trash-bags full of papers I didn't need. Then I got busy with my shredder & filled another bag with the shreds of another pile of 'papers' that I had (for some reason) saved for shredding later. . . (Seriously - if it needs shredding. . . why wait?)

I found three bags of wool strips/scraps that I gave to my quilter - who will make beautiful hooked rugs from them. I have filled 2 boxes with fabric that will be donated . . . most pieces were ones that I have held onto for years, & although I love them still,  I know that even if I did nothing but make quilts for the rest of my life. . . I would probably never get through them all. Not that I had a warehouse of fabric or anything - it's just that now that I am designing fabrics & have bunches of new pieces coming every 6 months or so. . . there is not room for all of it. . . & it's a shame for the older fabrics to just be sitting in a closet! (Oh, but I must confess. . . there are still some 3 Sisters, Fig Tree, & Blackbird Designs fabrics  (moda!) from years ago that I'm not about to part with. . .!)

Needless to say - I was pretty tuckered out last night when I finished dusting off the desktops in my office (that I could once again see now that all the piles of paper are gone!) - but it was that wonderful kind of tuckered out. The kind where you  feel like you just can't do another thing - but you know you just accomplished something big. . . real big . . . & you feel a bit lighter. . . (but too tired to fly!).

Now that my studio, office, & spare room are spic-n-span & clutter free. . . I'm ready to start on a fresh batch of new designs & so I'm celebrating &  in the mood to do a little 'cleaning out'  of the pattern & book inventory to make room for the new! 

So. . .  I'm celebrating & having a summer sale on the website. . . where all patterns & books are 30% off!  (July 14 - 21!)

As for me. . . I'll be in the studio. . . trying to whittle down my current 'stock' of fabric into new designs for you!



Joanna from Fresh Figs said...

Gotta love you for saving your old Fig Tree... blush. I am so jealous of your major purge/clean! Believe it or not, that sounds like heaven to me!

Happy Organized Living,


goodmoodyogagirl said...

Pictures, pictures please!
I need to do the same, spending time organizing, decluttering and purging is just as important as sewing and after I see how much fabric I have, I cannot allow myself to buy more!
Have a great weekend!

Carrie P. said...

Dear Bren, I have just been looking over your blog and you are such a talented quilt designer.
I so appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment on my blog about my dog Cindi.
Your little Bailey is a sweetie.
I enjoyed reading your daybook entries too. I am adding your blog to my list.