Friday, July 2, 2010

… celebrating the 4th!

Isn't it funny how,  in America, we can give our holidays nicknames. . . but we know exactly what we're talking about. . .?! (. . . the "4th" what?)

So. . . to all my friends here in the United States of America I want to wish you a very happy Independence Day (or "4th of July". . . or "4th"!). What an amazing celebration we get to have. What an amazing (& so very young - in the scope of world history) history & legacy we have.

Happy Birthday America!

. . . & to all, I wish you a safe & wonderful weekend!



K Cotton said...

Hi Brenda,
After learning 5th grade social study with my son, I apreciate this holiday much more than before.
Happy Birthday America!

Sewn With Grace said...

Happy 4th of July to you too, Brenda! Love your pretty picture. I've always wanted to do a 4th of July quilt but am not really into bold colors, but the softness of the colors in your picture mixed with the pretty floral makes me rethink it a bit. :)