Sunday, July 11, 2010

… little visitors

We had a really wonderful spring. Wonderful temperatures. . . days filled with leaving the windows wide open. . . & fresh air & sunny days & lots of flowers. And now, it seems as if summer is doing it's thing right on schedule . . . with summer rains in the afternoon to cool things off. . . (at least they're trying!)

. . . Oh sure - our days are sometimes downright hot  - & the windows are only open in the early morning, but I'm really not minding as there are ways that summer seems to provide for some relief. . . like this little one that is a regular in the backyard has found . . . he digs a little hole to get to some cool soil - just under the surface. Ahhh!

 This spring, we had two little bunnies as regulars in the side yards. . . & making their way to the grass in the back this summer. Sometimes they are quite brave . . . especially with people. . . they hardly move unless they really 'have' to. With Bailey  - on the other hand - they would run as soon as they saw him. But. . . I''ve been working hard on "Leave it" with Bailey & now he's really good about not bustin' out the back door when he sees them. Now he waits for permission to go out (usually after I've gone & scooted the bunnies along to another part of the yard). He tries. . . he really tries.

Otherwise - with us keeping the doors closed because we want to keep the house as cool as possible. . .  our little bunnies pretty much have the run of the backyard. . . doing their best to keep the lawn under control. . . 

. . . always though, with their ears listening for the big, curly, fluffy, exuberant 'critter that for some reason considers the yard "his". Little do they know that Bailey is thinking what a big sacrifice he's making to let those little critters with the funny big ears & little white puffy tails stay in "his" yard at all!

. . . But he's learning. . . & he's doing a really good job as 'sharing' "his" yard. (. . . actually, he really knows how good a boy he is when he does a good job at 'Leave it' . . . & has the treats to prove it!) Here's where he spends part of the day - just inside the sliding glass door to the backyard. What's funny is I still can tell when he sees the bunnies - as, although he doesn't bark at them anymore. . . he does let out a small, little, rumbly-sort-of-growl that he thinks only he can hear. . . Oh how he's trying!!

Good boy, Bailey!

p.s. I have received a few emails about when the new patterns will be out. . . (& a couple of email addresses that were incorrect & I couldn't reply!). . . so I wanted to let you know that the patterns are at the printer & I will hopefully have them back & ready to ship by the beginning of next week. (Finally!!) Thanks to everyone for your patience & your enthusiasm too!   Bren


MahQuilter said...

Just love your blog Bren. We have been invaded by Ravens. They spend most of the day in the horse coral eating. Yuck! Would love it if they were Bunnies. We still have cool weather here and we are loving it. Waiting for rain. Can't wait to see the new patterns. Enjoy your day with Dad and Bailey.

Anne Sutton said...

Seems to me you could box two of those bunnies up and send them my way. I need a girl and a boy bunny so make sure you get the right ones. I'd treat them really well, and it's a wee bit cooler here at night. They could have their own hill in my back yard!

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Cow -- look at the ears on those bunnies! I don't think ours are that big. I WISH my bunnies would eat the grass -- instead of the hostas and flowers and all the good stuff!

PamKittyMorning said...

Sweet little bunnies. And get a load of those ears. Super cute. Bailey is such a good boy.. my two could learn a lesson from him for sure.

Quilted Quickies said...

We have bunnies in our backyard as well. It's too cute the way they get their bellies cooled off. Last night I was in our backyard and saw a not so cute tarantula and really ugly frog.

Thanks again for the decorating advice the other day. The remodel is going well. Messy but it is going well. I'm going to keep the shabby chic look to the bedroom and my sewing room/office and more contemporary look for the rest of the house. We will have to get together after I get back from Long Beach...getting ready for the show and the remodel has made me a bit crazy. xoxo

rachel said...

Bren, thanks for stopping by today. I was encouraged by your kind and thoughtful comment. Enjoy your afternoon! By the way, I love your bunnies. :oD